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The best job in this world is the one that lets you do the thing you excel at. Because getting so good in a domain has its roots in the fact that you love that particular thing. This being said, we urge you to think long and hard what it is that gives you pleasure in doing and go for it, without letting yourself be influenced by other people's judgment or misconceptions. For instance, if you're into fun and games, technology is your friend, or you have a knack for occasionally winning the jackpot at different casino games, you might consider orientating your career path towards the "online casino" industry.

Sure, some see it as a shady business or have biased opinions against the concept of casinos, but this mainly comes out of the lack of proper information on the subject. We can tell you that behind the apparently simple games and flashy displays, there is a whole world of hardcore professionals with valuable expertise in domains such as data security, software development, sales, online marketing, even PR. No potential employer is going to frown upon your candidature should you choose to develop your skills in any of the fields mentioned below, regarding the online casino industry.

Webmaster of Affiliate Websites

Starting with one of the most complex positions in this specific domain, webmaster of affiliate websites is not one to be mentioned in most online casino reviews but is one of the most important and most demanding jobs. First, webmaster of any site is the one with the full power over that website, therefore needing to master more than just the basics of software programming.

When it comes to making a profit, the webmaster decides what percentage each affiliate site gets out of the winnings and the characteristics the users from the affiliate site must have, in order to be taken into account. Just to set an example, if a user follows one of the links from an RTG casino list and registers on that website, the webmaster might receive a part of the player’s losses.

But as the old saying goes, having all this power brings along even greater responsibilities. Knowing that people play on online casinos for real money, makes personal data protection, especially financial information, even more important. This makes finding the legit online casinos a crucial operation that the one responsible for affiliate websites is accountable for. Data protection is another of this job's must-have skills.

Sales techniques and proper marketing knowledge also mix when finding the right sites that can become affiliated to. It’s not easy finding the websites that can generate the right kind of traffic and the specific users that might be interested in online slots.

Live Dealer

If you’re interested more in the human part of online casinos, starting up as a live dealer, in 77betsg can help you work on your people skills. The requirements for this job are not that easy to fulfill, seeing how they go through a wide range of domains. One must have mathematics knowledge, arithmetic, calculus, and statistics for starters. The largest part of the job is based on customer and personal service, which focuses on offering quality and assessing the satisfaction degree of clients. Psychology plays an important part as well, seeing how a live dealer must have knowledge about human behavior, individual motivation and how to deal with the differences between the nature of each player. Ensuring online casino safety is of course a prime consideration.


The copywriting job in this industry doesn’t differ that much from any other copywriter’s activity. The topic to focus on is the main distinguisher. The work to be done is more or less in the same parameters: making research and writing texts. Most online casinos have plenty of content, some have blogs. There are a lot of information to be gathered, loads of research to be done in order to bring out new ideas on how to best promote the website and to convince quality players to come on board.

Customer Support Operator

This can go in two ways: either we’re talking about supporting the online casino itself on behalf of the software provider or giving help to players. Either way, the requirements for the job implicate a good knowledge of network infrastructure, stream transport, and network hardware. Being able to offer technical support in case of troubleshooting problems, or knowing when to escalate the issues to developers and engineers. Knowing how to communicate to users is another must, especially if the technical language must be converted into terms that the counterpart of the dialogue needs to understand.

Software Programmer

The additional responsibilities for an online casino software programmer come in the way that any glitch might directly affect the income of the company. Just think of a scenario where an improperly written code might be broken in order to gain access at financial data of the users. Or better yet, if the code responsible for the random number generator is easily hacked, then it could become a huge loss for the casino and potentially for the other players. Therefore, the demands that the company has for this position are harsher than in most other cases.

Social Media Manager

The way the world works these days, any respecting company needs to appoint a social media expert. Leaving aside this powerful tool that modern marketing uses to promote the brand is nonsense. The main role this job covers is to manage the accounts on different sites and apps, update the profiles and promote the website’s special offers, as well as boasting about the big winners.

Basically, it’s all about keeping the site in everyone’s attention for as long as possible and making sure that the website’s image remains clean. Especially for an online casino, trust issues from users might rapidly turn into bankruptcy. And on that note, the social media manager also needs to answer promptly to any message left on their media accounts, especially those coming from disgruntled customers.

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