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A Career as a Leasing Consultant: Is It a Good Idea?

Leasing Consultant

Did you know that about 43 million households in the U.S. are rented? Many people rent before buying a home and many people prefer to rent.

Everyone always needs a place to live and finding a place to rent requires a good leasing consultant. Because of this need for leasing agents, you might have thought it'd be a good career path to take.

Is it a good idea to consider it as a career? Keep reading to find out what we think.

What Is a Leasing Consultant?

Before deciding if this is the career path for you, you'll want to know the details of what a job as a leasing consultant would entail.

A leasing agent is in charge of renting an apartment or house for the owner or the management company. Their work includes advertising a property and showing it to possible renters, answering any of their questions before negotiating a lease agreement with them.

A leasing consultant is also in charge of working out the details of the security deposit and monthly rent. They are also in charge of background checks for possible tenants and making sure all of the agreements signed in the lease are met.

How Much Does a Leasing Consultant Make?

Before making a decision on embarking on your career as a leasing consultant, it's important to take into consideration the salary you'll be making. The salary varies depending on many different factors. Some of these factors include experience, how many properties you end up renting, and the location in which you're employed.

The average leasing agent will make around $13 an hour but some can make as high as $27 an hour. There are other perks to becoming a leasing consultant, however. These may include paid time off and bonuses when you're able to successfully lease a property.

Your Job Duties Are Varied

What does a leasing specialist do from day-to-day? The job duties vary depending on where you work.

Some owners or rental companies may only want you to show available rentals and answer any questions the potential tenants may have. Most property management companies do require you to make reference calls, check credit scores, as well as verify income for possible tenants.

Other companies might ask you to do some minimal housekeeping on the property that you're going to show a future tenant. A job as a leasing consultant requires you to learn a lot of skills and balance multiple tasks but it can be incredibly rewarding.

You'll Get to Work on Your People Skills

Every aspect of your life requires you to interact with people. What's better than having a career where you'll get to work on the skills necessary for successful interactions with others?

A possible tenant will only be secured by a leasing agent who's friendly and makes others feel comfortable during the leasing process. Creating that human connection with a prospective tenant can make it easier to help them find the place they need.

Interpersonal skills also require great communication skills that are necessary as a leasing agent. A lot of your job will be answering questions for a possible renter and you'll want to make sure to express the necessary information in the best way possible. You'll also need to explain the legal and financial language of a lease agreement to a tenant and being able to do so will make the experience smoother for them.

How to Become a Leasing Consultant?

Another thing to consider before deciding if becoming a leasing agent is a good idea is what type of training or education you'll need to complete before starting a job.

This isn't a requirement by most employers in the real estate market but it's always a good option to add to your educational resume. Getting a bachelor's degree in business while also taking some real estate courses will definitely give you a leg up when entering the work field.

There are some training programs that offer great courses for those looking to get the proper education in a shorter amount of time. Training once hired and on the job is also an option, with other experienced leasing agents showing you the ropes in order to succeed.

You'll need to obtain the National Apartment Leasing Professional certificate in order to work in the field. This certificate can be completed online and requires passing an exam successfully. Some states might also require a real estate license, the requirements of which depend on the state in which you'll be working.

It's a Job with a Lot of Independence

Another exciting part of becoming a leasing agent and what makes it a good job is the level of independence it requires. You'll often be the only person there to speak to a potential renter and will have to be the person that shows them around to different apartment options. Once you're an established leasing consultant, you'll be on your own without any supervisor to watch over you.

Is a Leasing Consultant a Good Job? Yes!

Becoming a leasing consultant requires many different steps but it's definitely a good idea if it's a career path you've been wanting to pursue. This job field is growing rapidly and will only continue to grow as more people need places to rent, they'll need you to help them find the best place for them.

The fact that this isn't a dying industry means that you'll find success when you enter the workplace. Some of the reasons above explain why this is a great career to pursue.

Contact us with any questions you may have about the industry, we'll be happy to help!

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