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6 New Steps to Find Volunteers

By Sasha Capable

You may find it difficult to attract volunteers to your program, so it is important to master a set of various tools and instruments to improve the situation. Are you ready to change the methods you use to attract more volunteers?

When traditional tools are not working, there are a few effective methods, which will help you to find volunteers with a necessary set of skills. Go on reading and we guarantee that you will improve the situation significantly!

  1. Mine Your Social Network
    It is very likely that your acquaintances will want to become volunteers. Talk to your friends or relatives and ask them to do the same! Use social networks, write a public message and ask for a repost.

    Your social connections will help you to find volunteers without big investments of time and energy. Just make sure your message is clear, simple to read and engaging.

  2. Blogging To Attract Volunteers
    Start a blog and try to fill it with short stories, articles and essays. Apart from the topics you are interested in, try to include information on volunteering. If you don’t know how to write essays, you can always ask a professional online writing service like to help.

    They will help you to create a selling text, which will enlarge the target audience and attract new audience to your blog or website.

  3. Post Information About Your Organization
    You can post information on your organization not only in a personal blog but on a variety of other resources. Write articles about your organization and program, and it will help you to enlarge the audience that will learn about your project!

    Use various managing and marketing tools or programs to promote your posts and help them appear in searches as often as possible.

  4. Create Some Fun
    Volunteering is not just a hard work! Being a part of such a tight community, volunteers will get a chance to participate in various entertainment events and gathering, attracting new members and enlarging the team.

    Meeting new people, socializing, gaining new experience and traveling are only a few benefits, which volunteering work can bring.

  5. Contact College
    Another way of finding volunteers is contacting local schools and universities. You can find out about students or organizations that are looking for volunteering programs and leave information on your project.

    Usually, students like adding volunteering experience to their CVs to ‘hide’ the lack of experience, so they find such projects very appealing.

  6. Volunteer Resource Centers
    If all the above methods don’t work or you don’t want to spend your time, there is always a way out: you can turn to professional centers and they will help you to find volunteers with corresponding skills and background. Usually it is not a free service, so you should be ready to spend some savings on finding proper candidates for your program.

Remember, all the above methods and tools are effective but to get the maximum you need to apply them all together.

Only a complex approach will help you to avoid the most common mistakes and you will be able to attract volunteers with strong motivation, active life position and willingness to devote their time and energy to volunteering.

Sasha Capable is a creative freelance writer from Chicago. She gained a degree at the University of Chicago and started a career at Ohmyessay writing company, who are dealing with all sorts of high school and college tasks. Now she is writes the Studiscover blog, where she shares her experience. And, besides, she works as a part-time editor at Sasha improving her skills all time and spend hours, gaining online education and completing various courses.
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