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Stop Dreaming and Get Your Dream Job

By Elliot Caleira

After having a few jobs people, often wonder what they should make their chosen profession. Some individuals know at an early age they want to be in a family business, study art, become an engineer and more. There are also individuals who have to work at discovering what they want for a career. Making the effort to realize this is what must happen before finding a dream job is the first step.

Many Different Jobs

Studies have shown that young people today may have up to twenty jobs in their lifetime. Some individuals will change jobs approximately every 4.4 years. Many people claim they do not know the type of career they want to pursue. Others know they need a career change, but don’t know how to proceed with such a change. It's also possible for people to become complacent in their work and choose safety over taking a risk and doing something different. There are ways people can avoid having a career they do not like and pursue their dream job.

Talk to People

One of the first steps could be speaking with people who have their dream job. It is possible to schedule informational interviews with individuals who are working in an industry someone finds interesting. This will provide a way to learn about the career path of the successful person and seek advice. Questions could involve the industry, career possibilities and more. This doesn't have to be limited to people in someone's network. It's possible to go to lectures, group meeting as well as conferences, workshops and more to discover people who could help in this way.

Avoid Past Mistakes

When people are trying to find their dream job, they must understand why they have taken certain jobs in the past. It’s important to realize exactly why they didn't like them. It could be the industry, type of work, position within the company, corporate culture and more. Trying to learn what things they like about previous work experiences is also essential. There were probably some happy moments as well as accomplishments that made them feel proud. Answering these questions will help a person identify their feeling about working. It can help clarify the characteristics of a future career.

Lead with Strengths

It's important for people to realize they may not know what career they want to pursue, but they do know what they are good at doing. An important step could be making a list of what they consider their top strengths. Individuals may be good at working with people and love coffee so learning about the coffee at Starbucks or another type of coffee shop may help them figure out how they could fit into the industry. Someone may have a desire for health and fitness. They could speak with people who enjoy products like Le-Vel Thrive. This will help them understand why they may want to pursue work in such an industry.

Break The Routine

It is easy for a person to get into a comfortable routine and simply talk about finding their dream job. One of the first steps is to break the routine and make an effort to try something new. It may be time for a person to take a chance and discover their passion. Technology makes it possible to take many different types of classes online. These classes can often be scheduled to fit into a person's schedule. The internet makes it possible to attend workshops, watch tutorials and more wherever a person is located.

Work Environment

It's important for people to determine what work environment would cause them to excel. Some people who work in cubicles know they would do better if they were on the road going to different places speaking to people or doing work. Some individuals prefer a solitary work environment and others prefer to be part of a team. There are individuals who do well in an industrial workplace or a retail workplace. It's also important for a person to determine if they would thrive in a structured or unstructured environment and more.

A person can discover their dream job and not compromise what they have in their life. It will require them making an honest evaluation of their talents and career desires. Finding a dream job also requires effort. With some focus, determination, and hard work getting a dream job is only a matter of time.

Elliot CaleiraElliot Caleira is a freelance writer in the self-mastery and health and wellness spaces. When he's not writing you'll find him cooking or teaching Portuguese classes. More articles by Elliot.
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