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Buying Your Own Watch: A Guide

Buying Your Own Watch

It can be quite the Herculean task for naive and uninitiated people about the world of watches. Geeky terms from the watch lingo like balance wheels, escapements, lugs, and tourbillons are just a few of the baffling things that can throw others in for a loop and moments of confusion. However, it is easy to get into the world of watches.

So what are the things you need to look at while buying your first and own watch? There are elements to this. Some of these starting points are the following:


There are plenty of price ranges available for watches. For example, some sleek watches can cost as little as ₱1,229.48, and the price range continues to increase if you want something that can enforce status, prestige, and a high level of craftsmanship.

If you aim to treat yourself by getting a luxury watch, you must set a budget first and how much you are willing to shed for it. Then, you need to stick to that sum strictly. In addition, it will help and become the decisive factor in narrowing down the wide array of choices available in the market.

You can look into getting something at GS Philippines and other luxury watch brands! Grand Seiko has several diverse collections of luxury watches that can fit budgets. Even if you might get a lower-priced one, Grand Seiko never skimps out on the quality you get. In addition, you can get your watch for fast shipping.


The next step is to do your research. According to Brian Duffy, the chief executive of Watches of Switzerland, the watch-consuming public (in Britain, particularly, if you want to be more specific), prospective watch buyers are more informed than ever due to the power of the internet.

You can look for information, ideas, and advice on the internet and media.

For example, special watch sites like Hodinkee or jargon-free watch sites offer watch advice, in-depth reviews, and information. On Pinterest, you can get ideas on how you can style your luxury watch. For example, do you like Cartier Tank like Princess Diana? Or are you into more niche and minimalist pieces? You might like Nomos Glashutte or H Moster & Cie if you are.

Quartz or Mechanical?

The engine of the watch decides the movement of the watch. There are two (2), and these are quartz and mechanical. Quartz movements are highly accurate and may allow you to get the design you want at an affordable price, while mechanical ones can be adjusted manually.

Between the two, the latter fetches a higher price.


This is another element that can be the deciding factor for your decision. Are you buying it because it is practical? Or are you buying it because you want it? Do you want to make a statement? If you answer these questions, you will already know what you want.

For those who want to make a statement, you may have to get a bigger budget since the piece you want will need to be more visually appealing and more likely to be a status symbol. The piece can be anything in color, design, size, and complication because of its extra dials and hands on a watch that might provide a date or timezone function.

If you are practical, determine the usage. After that, you can go directly to purchase.

Wrapping Up

Various watchmakers with hundreds of years of history behind them and a tightly controlled distribution network have put effort and time into their work. So it is only right you should also do your best when working on what watch you should buy.

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