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Top List of 11 Aspects to Look for
Before Buying a Watch – a Buyer’s Guide

Buying a Watch

An expensive watch does not just tell you the time. It speaks of your time as well. It is not only an accessory but a statement of style, elegance and self – expression. People generally pay good attention on choosing the right watch as it displays their personality, family values, social status. Therefore, it undeniably is an investment piece. It speaks a lot about the user. Therefore, it is important to take time and find the right watch that matches the personality, lifestyle. Here are certain aspects to look for before buying a new watch


Watches come in different shapes and sizes. They can be classified as casual, vintage, luxury and sports. Select the style based on the plan of purpose. A luxury watch is a good call or business meetings. This increases the reputation and at times even builds the trust of the investor. If the buyer is an outdoor man or an athlete, he should buy a sports watch.


There are two broad types of watches namely analog and digital. Digital watches have big numbers displaying the time just like the mobiles. Analog watches on the other hand are old fashioned that has clock hands. The numbers are either written in numerals or digits around the dial.

Sports watches come with digital bezels while the luxury or casual watches come with analog faces. The number of features in digital watches are more than the analog watches. Unlike analog watches they are more complicate to use.


List down the personal uses. The user may be interested in timed gym work outs, a pilot or a scuba diver. The features differ according to the user. The watch can be water resistant, timer features, chromometer, tachometer, multiple alarm features, GPS, stop watches, or even precious gem stones. More features can be learnt from


The most common materials used for the band and case are silver, gold, canvas, plastic, titanium and leather. Leather is often used only for the band. Canvas and plastic watches are cheaper. On the other hand, metal materials are expensive. Leather bands are less durable as compared to the steel bands. However, they are light weight and give a traditional look.

Water resistance

Some watches are less water resistant. This means one need not worry about water splashing while washing hands. Some are resistant to get wet in heavy rain. The other normal water-resistant watches for swimmers and sports person who get drenched in sweat are 30-meter water resistant. The following water resistance rating and remarks help to choose the right watch.

  • 3 atm or 30-meter water resistant
    • They are suitable for everyday use.
    • They are rain resistant
    • They cannot be used while bathing, showering, fishing, snorkeling.
  • 5 atm or 50-meter water resistant
    • They are suitable for swimming, surfing, snorkeling, sailing and other water sports
    • They cannot be used for diving
  • 10 atm or 10-meter water resistant
    • It is suitable for sailing, water sports, surfing but are not suitable for diving
  • 20 atm or 20-meter water resistant
    • It is suitable for marine activity and surface water sports.
    • They can be used fro skin diving
  • 100 meter – diver’s watch
    • Make sure the watch has ISO 6425 standard
    • It is not suited for saturation diving. Saturation diving is deep sea diving where the diver’s blood stream becomes saturated with helium and other gases.
  • 200 meter
    • It is best suited for scuba diving
  • 300 meter and more
    • It is best suited for saturation diving


Go for a good brand if the intention is to show off at work.

Dial size

Always select the dial size that matches the wrist. If the wrist is thin and small, one should pick a dial with small height and diameter. Go for bigger faces and taller cases, if the wrist is thick.


The watch should go well with the clothing as well. A gold ornamental watch is not the right match for a professional business outfit. The following are few tips to match the watches along with wardrobe

  • Gold watches are best fit for dark, earthy colors like grey, brown and green.
  • Silver and titanium watches are great for night time events. It can be parties, business meetings, beach events, etc. They go well with blue, grey and black colors.

Power source

There are 4 different power sources available namely

  • Mechanical – it requires winding
  • Automatic – They wind themselves as the person moves his wrists
  • Quartz – It runs on battery that requires replacements once in few years
  • Solar – These watches are powered by the sun.


Look for this feature if the use of the watch is more at night times.


This purely depends on the user’s choice. Choose according to the comfort level. With light weight steel and other technological advancements, there is no relation between durability and weight of watches.

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