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7 Reasons to Buy Arkfeld EDC
Flashlight with Green Laser

Flashlights have come a long way within the last 20 years. Today you can hardly find any heavy old fashion flashlights because LED flashlights have taken over the market.

In this rapidly growing and competitive flashlight market, many have come and gone. The flashlight market is oversaturated, only the best can survive.

In this competitive market where everyone is launching new products every month, flashlights like Arkfeld Flat EDC Flashlight with Green Laser can be a game changer in the flashlight market.

My goal is to show you the top seven reasons why you should upgrade your traditional flashlight and choose an Arkfeld EDC flashlight instead. The most important reason for this article is to make some smart decisions, no matter how old or new you are.

Why Should You Buy the Arkfeld EDC Flashlight

There are many options in the market and each flashlight has its own specialty. But Arkfeld can be a game changer in the market. The slim structure body and the green laser light is something not many EDC flashlights have.

Let’s find out what makes Arkfeld so different from other flashlights.

1. Light

Wait! Hold your reaction! I know what most of you are thinking.

Most readers will be like, what? How does the light make Arkfeld different from the rest? Isn’t all flashlights' primary function is to act as a source of light when needed?

That’s right, folks!

The primary function of a flashlight is to provide light but not all flashlights can produce strong light, especially EDC flashlights.

If you compare an EDC flashlight and a tactical flashlight the first thing you will notice is the difference in light. Mostly all tactical flashlights are made to produce strong light because they are made for tactical situations.

Whereas EDC flashlights are meant for everyday use, that’s the reason manufacturers don't focus much on the light.

Talking about the Arkfeld EDC flashlight with green laser, this one is a beast when it comes to light. It can produce up to 1000 lumens and can throw light up to 101 meters. The best part is the inbuilt green laser light; the feature alone is what makes Arkfeld unique.

2. Everyday Use

I am sure you know the definition of EDC, it stands for Everyday Use. Now tell me, how often do you use your EDC flashlight? Most manufacturers’ label their flashlight EDC because they are compact and can be carried anywhere.

And that’s where the Arkfeld EDC flashlight with green laser comes in. Unlike another regular flashlight, Arkfeld is the flashlight that gives the correct definition of EDC flashlight.

This flashlight is not only compact but also produces a bright light. Other than light, you can also use the green laser as a pointer during office presentations or you can use it for playing with your pet at home.

3. Handling Vehicle and Roadside Emergencies

EDC flashlights can be a great time saver or even a lifesaver during a long ride. Most of you might have a dedicated flashlight as part of your vehicle’s emergency gear but having an EDC flashlight with you all the time gives you extra coverage during roadside emergencies.

We all know that we have a flashlight somewhere in our car but sometimes it might run out of battery or it might stop working altogether because you haven’t used it for so long.

Whether you’re changing a flat tire or trying to diagnose a problem under the hood, you need a light that not only provides light but also lets you work hands-free.

The Arkfeld EDC flashlight with green laser has a magnetic tail that can easily be attached to any metal surface like the body or hood of a car. This is one reason why you should buy an Arkfeld EDC flashlight with green laser for everyday use.

4. Outdoor Activities

If you’re wondering and confused about which flashlight to buy for your next outdoor activities, I would say go for the Arkfeld EDC flashlight with green laser.

Please don’t judge the flashlight because it has an EDC label on it. Arkfeld is much more durable and reliable than many tactical lights out there.

Arkfeld EDC flashlight with green laser is made of Aluminum Alloy. It can withstand any climatic condition be it cold, hot, rainy, or sunny. Drop it from up to 1 meter or splash it with water it will still work.

Whether you’re traveling to some of the world’s most dense forests and dark caves or going camping in a nearby local area, Arkfeld will make you feel much safer.

5. Self-Defense

Most people prefer a tactical flashlight over an EDC flashlight when it comes to self-defense. But premium quality flashlights like Arkfeld EDC flashlights can equally be used as a self-defense weapon.

For the flashlight to be used as a self-defense weapon it should produce at least 100 lumens and the body should be strong enough for striking.

It only takes 60-100 lumens to cause temporary blindness, just imagine what a 1000 lumens Arkfeld EDC flashlight can do to a person's eyes. And for the striking part, Arkfeld is made of aluminum alloy. I don’t think you will have a problem using this flashlight as a non-lethal weapon.

One great self-defense feature Arkfeld has is the strobe mode. Strobe modes are specifically designed to disorient a perpetrator by emitting a rapidly flashing super bright light.

6. Concealable

The best thing about EDC flashlights is that they are smaller in size, and smaller than your regular phone. It’s easy to carry them with you wherever you go, you can clip them in your pocket, put them inside your purse or even hang them on a keychain.

If we take the Arkfeld EDC flashlight with green laser, for example, this portable flashlight is not only small but it is also slim. It weighs only 3.07oz with a battery and the dimension is 4.33in length and 0.98in width.

7. Save Your Phone Battery

Your phone is not a reliable source of light nor should it be used as a main source of light. Sometimes it can help you get out of the dark but it is not specifically designed to be a source of illumination.

Investing in a reliable EDC flashlight will save your phone from going dead often. You can use your smartphone battery to do other important things like calling, texting, taking photos, making videos, and connecting with your loved ones.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your EDC Flashlight

Let go of your old-school EDC flashlight. A modern EDC flashlight is no longer just a light source. With advanced flashlights, you can do a lot more than just light a dark area.

Investing in a flashlight like the Arkfeld EDC flashlight with a green laser prepares you for numerous situations. You can use it as a source of light, the green laser can work as a pointer during a presentation or you can use it to play games with your pet.

Arkfeld is available in two colors, 1) Cool white - Crisp and Clean, and 2) Neutral white - Natural and Balanced. They also come in multiple colors such as Black, Desert Tan, OD Green, and Blue.

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