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Innate Talent: Finding Your Goldmine

By Connie Butler

When you identify your innate talent, you can easily use it for your personal and financial reward. When you use your talent as the core of your work you will be more satisfied after a day's work because you just love what you're doing - with this in place you're financial potential will explode.

When you've uncovered your innate talent you've found your ticket to greater personal and financial satisfaction. Read on to learn more about mining this treasure and enriching your life...

Success, happiness, satisfaction with our work, are what we crave. Bringing out your innate talent leads to these and fosters states of flow when you are enjoying what you are doing, where time flies, where opportunities drop in your lap, and when things just click.

I spent years trying to do the work that I loved and kept missing the mark. When I finally saw my real talent (which was right under my nose) everything changed. Now I have developed a business doing just that for other people. Uncovering their real talent and then linking them to the resources and contacts needed to make it a success in the world. And I LOVE it!

You Can't Find the Pot of Gold if You're Not Looking For It
A recent statistic states that 50% of people employed in the U.S. are dissatisfied with their work. 45% are actively searching for another job. Personally, I think these figures are conservative. This is due to the fact that most don't know how to determine their real talent and so are not using it. Trying to engineer a move without knowing what will satisfy you is like going on a journey without a clue about whether to go north, south or wherever to reach the destination. You just end up lost.

I have found ways to guide people to that map so it is more easily accessible to you. And when you do you are not only happier but also more effective. You are usually remarkably good at what you love. But sometimes it feels so natural to you that you can't identify it for yourself. Your talent is natural to you, right there, and you shine when you are expressing it.

You Don't Have to be a Genius to Harness Your Innate Talent
In coaching executives, entrepreneurs and employees, one problem I observe is the cost paid when an individual tries to plug themselves into an existing system. They never stop to ask themselves what is the quality or talent THEY have - that which could add unique value to their objectives or to the organization. They have forgotten where their gold mine is! When I can aid a client in recognizing their innate talents and qualities I know nothing will stop them - they are then on the right path!

Following a recent coaching session, Anne commented:
"Connie, I've started working on distilling the list of "what I love about web design" and find the process amazing! It's all about transforming/growing/helping, creating positive tangible and intangible results — WOW! And I've got all the skills to do it!! I had no idea. I'm getting it. Thank you, thank you, thank you." —Anne Ricciardi

What Does This Have to Do With the Price of Eggs?
How important is this in every day business and how can you possibly access it during so many daily pressures? It has EVERYTHING to do with your success - your work is not just for the bottom line of a decent pay check (although it is definitely that too and using your innate talent will definitely grow that). But at its best your work also grows YOU and is an expression of who you truly are. When clients GET this piece they find it easier and easier to use it in everyday life. I teach them how to access it even during difficulty. Your fulfillment in work will grow and your bottom line will as well. It will enrich both you and your organization. Remember you are best at what you love. Nature is not stupid - when you identify your natural qualities and talents, take steps to express them in the world - you are contributing what you are here to do. Options open up, life becomes more interesting, the financial rewards escalate.

You Don't Have to Change Everything
The thing that is intriguing here is that you may not have to change your job or create a whole new business for yourself in order to access this. Sometimes when I work with a client and we clarify what their innate talent is they do decide to create a business that utilizes that skill or talent more directly. But the other is also true. I often work with executives and managers to see what their innate talent is and how to use it IN their work. As we uncover what it is they love about their work and discover the best way for them to express that in their current business, their approach to problem solving changes - their satisfaction at the end of the day increases and they are protected from burn out. Problems often become just another challenge, not necessarily the block they seemed to be. Creativity opens up and an entirely new level of energy is available to them.

Another Happy Client:
"With Connie at my side I have made great strides toward getting my business off the ground. She knows just when to nudge me past my self-imposed comfort zones, and when to support me. In a very short time I have gone from the idea stage, to bringing in the first clients, to seeing how to refine my processes. Without Connie's sure guidance and insights I would not be where I am today - confident, excited, and moving forward." —Suzanne Cochran

You Can Find Gold Waiting in Untapped Opportunities - I Can Show You How
I take this approach a step further and collaborate with clients to find the right contact, the perfect resource so that the next important door opens. I coach the opportunity. I am highly adept in this area - it is one of my innate talents! So by working together on this you not only are clearer about your real talents and how to express them in your business, you also walk away with the connections needed to leverage the next leap for yourself. Together we distill your talent, mine the gold in your life. You walk away all the richer both personally and professionally.

What is Your Team's Gold Mine?
What is truly fascinating is to apply this same methodology to a team in a business or to the business itself. What is the innate talent of the team or the business? What is the innate talent that is resident there in the group?

One of the benchmarks to determine a successful company is the degree of their employee loyalty. The loss of this leads to a deficit of valuable knowledge base, expensive rehiring practices and training costs. When employees' innate talent is harnessed and then the most dynamic connections made to the resources or the right introductions in the marketplace, remarkable success unfolds. You have a team that is energized, focused and doing its best work. Leveraging your own innate talent, that of your business or of a team within your business is the surest way to ensure success - and real satisfaction AND a flush bank account.

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." —Albert Einstein
Connie Butler is a personal and professional coach working with individuals and groups to clarify their greatest vision and cultivate its successful realization moving them past their growth frontier into new territory.
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