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Does Your Business Software Need
Localization or Translation?

Localization or Translation

The business world has gone global, and geography no longer limits consumers. Thanks to the internet, international clients expect to get personalized services. They want a variety of solutions and services in their native languages. Your business would be wise to invest in localization or translation.

Localization vs. Translation

Translation focuses on the conversion of content from one language to another. Even though the translator won’t convert text word for word, the goal is to maintain the meaning.

The best practices for software localization go further. They also make your content more culturally acceptable. Localization acknowledges that you need more than direct translation to connect with an audience. You also need to change the user interface, including multimedia, images, and text. Localized content feels like it was specifically developed for the users of that region.

Although they are different, the benefits of localization and translation are similar. They both seek to improve your connection with your target audience. Localization is perfect when you need to meet certain cultural expectations.

On the other hand, direct translation works great for serious content like medical text. It helps you maintain the tone and meaning of your message. Get professional localization and translation management services to meet your business objectives. Here are a few reasons why your business software could benefit from such services. 

  1. You Need to Boost Sales

Software localization or translation will increase your sales. It ensures that you attract English-speaking buyers and those who speak different languages. The fact that more people will be using the platform positively impacts sales.

According to Common Sense Advisory, 71 percent of users spend all or most of their time exploring sites that use their native language. 72 percent are more likely to buy products described in their native language. The ability to get information in clients’ native languages can affect buying habits more than the price. Invest in software localization if you hope to improve business revenue.

  1. Targeting a Wider Audience

Did you know that only 360 million people speak English as their first language? With more than 7 billion people on the planet, you can’t rely on one language to reach all your potential clients. Software localization or translation will help your brand reach more people. It can help you target people in Korea, Spain, Turkey, and other countries that don’t speak English as their native language.

  1. Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Localizing your software is proof that you are committed to your customers’ needs. It is an element of customization that lets them know their needs are important to your business.

If clients have trouble understanding you, they are unlikely to buy from you. This applies to product descriptions, payment methods, and manuals. Localizing improves your ability to handle customers’ needs and concerns too. When every part of the customer journey is simplified, they will make the buying decision faster.

  1. User Experience

User experience is the most important element of your software. Experts suggest that every dollar your business invests in user experience returns $10 - $100. Localization and translation are essential parts of improving user experience. They let your software conform to a geographic area's linguistic and cultural trends. Positive user experiences result in positive reviews and better sales. A localized UX gives you an advantage over your competition.

  1. Improving Brand Loyalty

When you give your customers a satisfying experience, they develop trust in your brand. Trust is an essential component of brand loyalty. Addressing customers in their native language fosters a sense of belonging and encourages them to remain loyal to you. They can become the biggest advocates of your brand.

  1. Building a Competitive Edge

Localization or Translation

Localizing your business gives it a competitive edge. One of the biggest challenges for international businesses is competing with native businesses. Getting the local market to trust you is tough. If you don’t speak their language, it may be impossible. Localizing your software levels the playing field. It gives you advantage over global competitors as well.

Is Localization Better than Translation?

The localization of business software is a lot more effective than translation. Even though the end-goal is the same, localization helps your business fit right in with the local competitors. By putting emphasis on the cultural context of your content, it targets more than just your words. 

Localized content is presented in a way that matches the cultural norms and expectations of users. It is designed to suit various campaigns, content types, and marketing needs. Localizing your business software helps you adapt to your target audience at a sub-cultural level. 

Unlike translation, localization considers the legal and technical aspects that apply to different regions. It ensures that your software is compliant with local laws and standards. Localizing your business software helps you abide by data protection standards in various markets. This is essential for any global business. It could save you lots of money in legal fees. 

Localization services will help your business penetrate new markets efficiently while getting past contextual and cultural barriers. Breaking into international markets is hard. You can use all the help you get and localization is the best place to start.

Your software is successfully localized if the final product appeals to your target audience. In addition, it should feel and look like your original application. You should convey your message while offering clients a smooth experience.


Every global business needs localization or translation. Making your software products available to a geographical area is great. However, it is not enough. You also need to ensure that it looks and feels like you made it with the locals in mind. If it feels like an afterthought, you will likely lose their trust. 

Availing software in different languages isn’t a simple task. Do not assume that you can do it after your software gets into the market. Partner with the right provider and ensure that they understand your needs right from the start. Paste in something you're working on and edit away. Or, click the Write button and compose something new.

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