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Business Logistics: Hiring Third Party Entities Or In-House Delivery?

It does not matter what type of business you operate. Regardless of its scale, you need a means for your goods to get to your customers. Large-scale companies utilize almost all forms of transportation for theirs – land, air, and sea, you name it.

Aeroplanes, ships, and trucks do most of the work to bring goods from one place to another. However, that might not be the case for companies and entities still starting out.

Business owners must make careful decisions that impact their operation financially and business-wise. So that begs the question of whether hiring third-party logistics, such as Middle Mile Delivery is a neat alternative or would in-house delivery work better. How about we find out?

Logistics and delivery make quite the statement in any industry. Your operation cannot thrive without balancing these two aspects. That means you have to put them into account as you plan ahead. But what method works best for your business?


3PL or Third-Party Logistics is an approach where you leave the deliveries and management to another company or organization. While leaving all things logistics-related matters sound decent and convenient for some individuals.

However, there is quite a drawback business owners must face. You will not access the customer's data and other relevant information you can use for future prospects. All of it will be the third party's concern. All you have to do is prepare the goods for delivery.

Having another company deal with your shipping and other related matters will reduce your workload. That means you can focus on producing high-quality goods your customers will enjoy.

In addition, the goods you manufacture and sell will attract more people. More people means more potential profit. That also means you will have the finances to pay for the third-party logistics that make your business life easier.

In-House Delivery

Then again, there is the other option. You might prefer to have in-house delivery for your goods. That means you will not have any outside contractor or organization handle the packaging and shipping of whatever you sell. Your business will deal with all of it.

One point this method boasts is potential savings. You do not have to worry about paying a company for the logistics services they might offer. You can save more money that way.

But the drawback comes as neat as the advantage. Not having a third-party courier means you do all the work. It includes management, handling, shipping, and overall delivery. You must time everything right for the goods to reach their destination without issues or delays. One thing a business cannot have during operation is delays.

You will also spend money on your company's transportation and the resources they take up. That means gas will add up to the ever-growing list of things you need to settle from time to time.

So you will crunch the numbers and put more pressure on workers. In addition, you might end up hiring an additional worker or two to lighten the load. Again, precision and planning are a must. You do not want to spend more money on hiring workers and paying for penalties later.

The Verdict

So who wins the contest for best logistics and delivery? We can say that this bout ends in a draw. Both methods for logistics and delivery pack their advantages and disadvantages. The thing is, they both work well, even with the downsides you need to face. You must check the type of business you run before settling on a logistics method. See which approach will benefit you and your wallet in the long run.

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