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Our Favourite Brother-Sister Duo
From Popular Bollywood Movies

Bollywood Movies

Many of us grew up watching Bollywood movies and soaking in the craziness that they have to offer. From star-crossed lovers to over-the-top villains, there has never been a shortage of memorable characters in Bollywood movies. We have lived vicariously through these movies, especially the family sagas that had us glued to our screens. One of the elements of Bollywood movies that we were and are still heavily invested in are sibling relationships. After all, we all saw a bit of our own sibling banter in such characters, whether it be the constant bickering these movies showed or the awkward display of affection. We have rooted for these characters, cried with them, related to them, and wholeheartedly enjoyed them. So, with Rakshabandhan just around the corner, it is only fair that we give an ode to the iconic brother-sister duos of our favourite Bollywood movies. Let's take a trip down memory lane and jog our memories by watching these movies again with our families this Rakshabandhan. And, amidst all this excitement, let's not forget to honour this sibling bond by buying gifts for Raksha Bandhan for our sister and brother.

Amit and Aditi Mahant from Janne Tu Ya Jaane Na

Who can ever forget the most realistic depiction of a sibling relationship onscreen played by Genelia D'souza and Prateik Babar in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na! The hot-cold relationship Aditi and Amit shared didn't stop them from standing up for each other and being the best advice-givers. Isn't this the essence of how we behave with our siblings on most of our good days? We fight them over trivial stuff but then side with them when difficult situations arise. The movie very well brought out this dynamic on the large screen as we often see Aditi and Amit engaging in a verbal spat. But, only when Amit points Aditi in her heart's direction does she accept her feelings for her best friend, Jai. Overall, these two characters are forever etched in our memories.

Ayesha and Kabir Mehra from Dil Dhadak Ne Do

Two siblings, feeling lost in their adulthood, feeling the brunt of the estranged relationship their parents share. Doesn't that sound very familiar as while we love our parents with all our heart, there are times when we don't get along with them but our siblings? This is a sibling duo that keeps it very real with no over-the-top display of sibling affection but having each other's back when the world doesn't. Kabir and Ayesha, while being from an affluent family, feel suffocated by their parent's expectations and live through a facade of a happy family. Dil Dhadak Ne Do had us witness some eye-opening scenes of how important it is to stand up for our siblings and have open conversations as a family. We all heard ourselves cheering out loud for these characters when Kabir speaks up for her sister in front of her husband's family.

Milkha Singh and Isri Kaur from Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

There was nothing less we were expecting from the two veteran actors who played the character of Milkha and Isri on screen. Their love and support for each other had us sobbing and reconsidering our own dynamic with our siblings. Ace actress Divya truly left us mesmerized as Isri, who puts her brother before anything else and finds happiness in her brother's success. When Milkha gifts a pair of gold earrings to his sister, our emotions are pushed to the extreme as we watch through the scene teary-eyed. Farhan Akhtar and Divya managed to make us connect to these characters even when we don't share anything in common with their lives other than unconditional love for our siblings.

Rani and Chintu Mehra in Queen

This duo is especially relatable for people who have younger siblings and constantly tread the line of being a parent-like figure or a best friend to them. The way Chintu protects her sister, despite his young age, is truly commendable. There is something very innocent about the chemistry that Rani and Chintu shared, with Chintu being the best brother that any sister could ask for.

Some other unforgettable sibling duos also deserve a mention in this list, such as Vijay Deenanath and Shiksha from Agneepath, Ishaan and Vidya Bhatt from Kai Po Che, and many more. Which is your favourite display of sibling relationships on screen? And, most importantly, are you going to be watching any of these movies again this Raksha Bandhan? After all, these movies showcase a bit of our camaraderie with our siblings. So, no matter how much we fight them, we keep all these grudges at the back of our minds during special occasions and find the best gifts for Raksha Bandhan for our sisters and brothers.

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