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How to Break Free From Workplace Toxicity
and Terrible Bosses

Three-quarters of US workers say they have a toxic boss. And all this mismanagement is harming their physical and mental health.

Work stress that bleeds over into home life leads to higher rates of stress, anxiety, and serious long-term health issues, like cardiovascular disease. A study from Stanford Business School found that poor people management may contribute to 120,000 deaths in the US every year.

So it's time to get serious about workplace toxicity and give people the tools they need to push back against horrible bosses. That's why created a complete guide on dealing with toxic bosses in the workplace.

It outlines the different types of terrible bosses, including the rigid boss who thinks like a robot, the bad-tempered boss who is impossible to approach, and the incompetent boss who just doesn't what they’re doing.

Because there's no one size fits all policy to dealing with a bad boss, you'll learn how to handle each archetype in a way that they'll understand. For example, there's no reasoning with the 'evil boss.' Instead, you have to push back. If not, things will only get worse.And if you decide to call out the corrupt boss who always bends the rules to their advantage, you need to make sure your co-workers will back you up when it really counts.

Toxic bosses ruin careers and limit our potential. But it doesn't have to be this way. So use this guide to take back control of your professional and personal journey.

Break Free From Workplace Toxicity
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