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Brand Archetypes: How the Right Gift Can Be a Game Changer

Corporate gift giving is a powerful tool that many businesses and organizations have the ability to employ. Many CEOS believe that gifting provides positive and measurable return on investment (ROI), helps retain customers, boosts word of mouth, and even can build consistent touchpoints with clients. In fact, studies show that brands that follow well-defined brand archetypes rose in value by 97% versus brands without a strong identity.

Developed by Carl Jung in the 1940s, the 12 major kinds of personalities are closely associated with brand archetypes and can be used to give the most appropriate corporate gift. The personality, tone, and voice of a brand is crucial to take into consideration, and can show to customers a heightened sense of authenticity and personalization. Some examples of gifts that correlated with Jung’s personalities are a whiskey gift set for “The Outlaw” or a kaleidoscope for “The Magician”.

Gifts allow companies to connect with clients beyond the conference room and are the perfect tool for anyone looking to elevate their business and its reach.

How the Right Gift Can Be a Game Changer
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