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5 Jobs That Will Bring You Inner Peace

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By Nicole Boyer

Having a job is a task that is mainly done when we grow up: we are raised to work and earn our own money. With that, we can buy the things that we want and eventually be independent. But generally, having a job stops being something fun and entertaining when people do it for many years and this starts being something stressful and boring, something that we do only for money and not because we love it or enjoy it.

So, can a job be a space to find inner peace and relaxation? Many people say that we should study or work in something that we really like, to have a happy future by doing something that we really love. And for sure, society is finding the way to change the general opinion about jobs being one of the most stressful parts of people’s life. Home based jobs done through internet and professions performed abroad are a good example. Whether or not these jobs will seem attractive to you will depend on your personality. For example, there are mechanics, engineers, politicians or assistants doing a job that they love even though we think these professions can be stressful. Here are 5 jobs that you can have if you want to find inner peace while working.

  1. As a teacher. Being able to share your knowledge is an enriching experience that will make you feel good all the time. The future of a person can be highly modified if you teach something, it does not matter if you are teaching quantum physics or how to play dominoes. Your knowledge can always be good for people. Having in mind that you are doing something to help people to be better and to have a better future is a really rewarding feeling, and that is going to give you excellent inner peace. If you add traveling around the world to this job, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to be completely in peace! Who does not think that traveling is relaxing? Teaching abroad will give you the experience of learning about different places and cultures while you teach and relax. Being an English teacher abroad is one of the most profitable careers if you want to work and travel at the same time. An excellent choice is to obtain a TEFL or TESOL Certification to learn everything that you need to be an English Teacher, while you apply for teaching jobs to teach English abroad. Also you can refer to the World TEFL Factbook Guide for teachers planning to travel later this year, providing up to date information about salaries, rents, local attractions, visa restrictions and more.
  2. As a musician. We all know that music makes us happier. We normally work and listen to music to be more relaxed. We take the subway or the bus using our earphones. We study with the compositions of Mozart. We sleep listening to relaxing eastern music. Everything can be done with music because music is a synonym for happiness and relaxation. So, can you imagine how happy and relaxed a musician is? It does not matter the genre, all it takes is to play the music that you love. Musicians have a lot of options when it comes to looking for a job. They can play an instrument in a band or in an orchestra, they can sing, they can record, mix or master songs, they can compose and sell music, they can write letters. They can work with jingles, publicity or any other field of the music marketing. Music is another world within our world, and it is a profession that can also be done from home, working on the internet.
  3. As a doctor or a veterinary. Saving lives is another job that can bring you inner peace, whether you are saving humans or animals. Of course these professions have the risk of not being able to do something to save the life of the person or the animal, but most of the times they have the opportunity to do a good job, thanks to the big advances of technology and science. Doctors and veterinarians usually need an office and a permanent location to work, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun working with one of these professions. Having a T.V. Show about E.R.’s, a Facebook account or an Instagram/Twitter page are good suggestions to add a different perspective to the normal tasks of doctors.
  4. As a volunteer for organizations about the environment, childcare, animal care, etc. This type of job is great because since you won’t be earning money, you’ll focus on the personal satisfaction of doing it and in consequence, the inner peace that the job brings you. There are lots of different positions offered by organizations, but mainly you can be a donor or a volunteer. Depending on the type of organization that you want to help, you can help kids, old people, animals, the environment, refugees or other minorities such as women, people of color, etc. Volunteering is a great option to enjoy a job and find inner peace, but it also has other great benefits. For example, you’ll obtain experience to have a proper job in the future.
  5. As a physical trainer. Last, we have the option of being healthy with our work. Physical trainers help people to stay healthy and feel good with their bodies, and that’s a job that brings a lot of personal satisfaction and inner peace. If the trainers do the routines with the people that they are training, the results are greater as they feel happy about helping others, but they also feel happy about keeping themselves healthy too. Physical trainers also use social networks a lot, and this diversifies their work in a big way: they post and connect with people. This allows them to promote their work around the world.

As you see, jobs that are dedicated to help our world are the ones that can bring more inner peace to your life. But in the end, remember that your happiness is important too. So go on and do something that makes you joyful while you help people to be happy!

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