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How to Bounce Back After You Get Laid Off

Positivity is crucial in every bad situation, including getting laid off. Layoffs aren’t fun for anyone, but they’re a reality of the working world. As company revenues fluctuate and organizational changes (such as outsourcing) take place, businesses will inevitably have to downsize. Should you be unfortunate enough to get laid off, remember the power of positivity.

Of course, it’s unreasonable to expect you to be all smiles all the time. However, finding the silver lining or benefits of a bad situation can make it easier to deal with emotionally. For example, getting laid off can give you the freedom to pursue other career endeavors or move to a new city.

In the face of a layoff, it’s also helpful to take time to recognize your accomplishments and strengths. This way you won’t regard the job loss as a failure so much as an opportunity to position yourself as an asset to a new company.

Of all the ways you could handle a layoff, the nine best things to do are described by Turbo in the fun graphic below. These will help you effectively manage the situation and begin the search for a new job...

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