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Borboleta: a Brand with Bags and a Purpose

Borboleta is a Thai brand that sells กระเป๋าสะพายข้าง which means shoulder bag in Thai. Borboleta’s handbags, clutches, wallets, and additional accessories have been in the hands of women across 50 countries since 2012. Borboleta lightweight, luxurious, and vegan handbags are accompanied by a purpose: to provide breakfast and educational programs for disadvantaged students in Thailand. Through the Ocean of Wisdom Foundation, every purchase made to Borboleta can positively impact someone in need. These programs and materials include, but are not limited to, food, books, art supplies, and medical supplies. In fact, the foundation has donated over 100,000 meals and assisted in the education of over 2,000 students across 16 schools. Designed and founded by CEO, Veronica Race, Borboleta Bag has become a social and global enterprise inspired by Race’s travels as well as hardships faced in Thailand. Veronica Race is filled with passion for Borboleta, and that reflects in donations through the Ocean of Wisdom Foundation, as well as the designs of the actual handbags that have swept over 50 countries.

Borboleta’s styles range from crossbodies, to tote bags, to wallets, and every style in between. A consistent trademark of the bags is the waterproof vegan leather that allows for effortless clean up while maintaining a high-end appearance. When compared to genuine leather, the vegan leather that is used in Borboleta’s bags is 30% lighter. Furthermore, the vegan leather provides a lavish look and feel, while being cruelty free and PETA-approved.

Designed by Veronica Race, Borboleta’s bags feature structural and stylish qualities such as dual-toned vegan leather, scalloped edges, floral-lined pockets, and premium zippers. Additionally, the bags are clasped with the signature Borboleta hardware that showcases two letter Bs in the shape of a butterfly–the meaning of “Borboleta” in Portuguese. The butterfly is symbolic for Race, as she originally designed these bags with on-the-go travelers in mind. The bags are available in dozens of colors, such as cobalt blue, forest, pastel pink, and beige-caramel dual tones. Even metallic shades of purple and mint can be found on Borboleta’s website. The bags also come in a wide variety of sizes. Some products are as small as 3 inches, while others are as long as 15 inches. Customers can expect to find a bag for any occasion. There are options for a working professional searching for the perfect bag to bring to the office, or for someone on-the-go who wants a handbag that can go from day-to-night with any outfit. There are styles geared towards both men and women on Borboleta’s website, making it appealing to all. In addition to handbags, Borboleta also sells handbag tassels, belts, and pencil bags.

Prices of the accesories range from around $15 (US dollars), to $180 (US dollars). Customers can find exactly what they are looking for in the price-range that best fits their lifestyle. Whether someone is shopping for themself, or looking for a gift, they are sure to find a Borboleta bag in their ideal style and price.

Ethical production of the bags is important to Borboleta. Local artisans make the bags that fill the hands of individuals worldwide. These artisans are paid higher than average salaries and bonuses, according to Borboleta’s detailed website. Furthermore, the artisans work in safe conditions and receive benefits such as health insurance and paid vacation.

Minute details like the vegan leather and signature hardware, certainly make a difference to customers. Some customers reviewed the handbags with admiration, highlighting that the products were cruelty free, reasonably priced, and able to be used for any occasion. Hundreds of five-star reviews fill Borboleta’s website, emphasizing the success and hard work the company has put into their products. Borboleta’s customers are impressed with their handbags, and every purchase truly makes a difference in the lives of others–a mission that Borboleta has spread.

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