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Are Booty Shorts Comfortable?
Everything You Need to Know

booty shorts

You see that people are wearing booty shorts everywhere. They are worn at sporting events, at the park, at the gym, and even at the mall. And you are wondering to yourself, “Are they even comfortable?”

It’s true, booty shorts are worn to emphasize women’s buttox instead of hide it. But they are also worn because they are super comfortable. This is what makes them so popular. Maybe you're tempted to try out a pair and see if they work for you. You wouldn’t be the first to jump on the train of comfortable booty shorts, and you certainly don’t want to be the last. Let’s talk about where booty shorts came from, why they are comfortable, and why they would work for your lifestyle.

Booty Shorts Have Been Womens’ Staple

Although booty shorts may feel like a newer trend, they have been around for some time. They didn’t always go by the name “booty shorts” but they were originally called “hot pants.”Between the 1960s and 1980s, women really began to express their sexuality and one way was wearing hot pants. At the beginning, they were mostly for sports or your time on the beach. However, fashion designers, Mary Quant and Mariuccia Mandelli, designed the first fashionable pair of hot pants. From that point on, they took the fashion industry by storm and many famous people were wearing them. There was even a song written by James Brown about hot pants!

In the 1970s, hot pants fell off a little but were still worn by cheerleaders, pop stars and in nightclubs. Now, hot pants are on the rise again called “booty shorts,”giving women the freedom to express themselves and show off their beautiful bodies. This history shows that women have been choosing to wear booty shorts for decades, and that if they were not comfortable, they would not have made it this long.

What Makes Booty Shorts Comfortable

Booty shorts are designed to have more of a snug fit, but obviously not too tight where the material digs into your hips and thighs. They have an elastic band around the waist that allow for the flexibility you would need throughout the movement in your day.

Booty shorts can be worn on their own but also worn as an undergarment. With the front seams only on the outside to hold up the structure and shape, you won’t have bulging seams that you can see through your pants.You can easily wear booty shorts under tight pants or jeans, but they are also perfect for dresses and skirts. They provide enough coverage to not give more away than you want when the wind picks up or you bust a move on the dance floor that you have been practicing for a solid month. But also not too much fabric where they would stick out from under your dress or feel like you’re wearing a long johns under your jeans.

They are also comfortable because they are designed to not have excess, bulky material in the front or back, eliminating front and back wedges that can occur with other underwear options. The breathable material used to make booty shorts allows them to be form-fitting, without trapping all the moisture and sweat that causes itchiness and feelings of uncomfortability. Booty shorts are not just for practical use, they were designed for comfort, stretch, and showing off your assets. Technology today has made them even more comfortable by using advanced materials, sizing charts, and listening to what the customers have to say.

Where Do I Wear Booty Shorts

Booty shorts are so versatile these days. With your standard black booty shorts, you can wear them with just about anything and just about anywhere. You can also get booty shorts that have more bold color pallets and patterns to make a fashion statement to the masses.They are the perfect option for being active, or just laying around at home watching a movie marathon. With their flexible stretch and tough durability, they will last through the seasons of your busy life.

Where Do I Find Booty Shorts

In today’s market, finding the perfect pair of booty shorts doesn’t have to consist of you going to the store and looking through your options of small, medium, and large, but not knowing if this medium is the same as the other pair of shorts that you own also in a medium size. You can easily shop online and look through the dozens of stylish options and pick out what works for you. You can even use the provided sizing charts to get the perfect match right from the privacy of your own home. You don’t need to worry about trying them on in the store over your other underwear, or even taking them home to try on and then driving them back to the store because they didn’t fit. You can easily order the perfect size the first time and not waste any more time slipping into the comfortable booty shorts you have been so patiently waiting for.

There is even a subscription option offered to you so you can get your booty shorts delivered every one to three months. This is a super easy way to gradually replace your old, overused panties in your underwear drawer with new and comfortable booty shorts that work with just about anything.

Everything You Need to Know

If you were questioning whether booty shorts are comfortable or not, you now know that they are specifically designed for comfort and to accent some stellar parts of women. With flexibility, breathability, and durability, you can practically take on the world with your booty shorts. They are great for the summer time as a stand alone option. They are also great for the winter as a comfortable undergarment. You can wear them around the house, on a hike, or even under your dress pants for work. You now no longer need to question whether booty shorts are the right fit for you. They are trendy, sexy, and comfortable all at the same time.

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