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3 Ways to Boost Your Resilience at Work

The ability to remain positive and maintain sanity in the face of challenges is vital. This becomes even more important when you are in employment. Stress in high-demand work places is inevitable. It is therefore advisable that you adopt resilience at work in order to maintain peak performance at work, avoid burnout and thrive in the career path you have chosen.

Resilience is a learning process and the advantage of gaining this skill is that you get a chance to win at your job as you cannot afford to be overwhelmed at work. As cited in Williams, Worley and Lawlers ‘Agility factor’ book, organizational agility highly correlates with the organizational resilience of an organization and determines the adaptive capacity of the organization and its ability to respond quickly to change which is an important organization quality.

This article will help you by highlighting 3 significant ways that will help you boost your resilience at work.

1. Emotional Intelligence

This is a valuable skill in every job. The ability to recognize stress triggers at work and view them from a neutral stand point enables us to manage our emotions even while facing extreme challenges at work. The human mind is commonly referred to as a weapon and you can use it to your advantage by developing and strengthening your emotional intelligence in order to build personal resilience at work.

2. Health and Wellness

Employees that nurture and take good care of themselves by maintaining a healthy lifestyle have been found to be more resilient. It is therefore imperative that you focus a little bit more on yourself as there is a strong relationship between personal resilience and immunity to disease.

Practicing spirituality also helps you find meaning in work and this mitigates the effects of stress and helps one look more towards the potential benefits that may come with the challenges you face at work.

3. Social Network

Being human requires you to have a social circle that you can turn to not only in good times but during times of crisis too. Having a healthy social circle means that you have people on your side that you can trust to encourage, advise and listen to you.

This in turn will help you learn to show empathy to others and have space for them to talk and reach out to you when they are facing tough times. This is all part of practicing and growing your resilience at work.

Bottom line

In a study published by PwC in 2014, it was noted that it made great business sense to establish a resilient and mentally healthy work place and though not all organizations might take this into account it is important that you take responsibility for your part by boosting your personal resilience.

Building resilience is not something that will happen overnight but it is a necessary skill to learn so that you not only avoid stress at work but thrive in leap and bounds. There are numerous online resilience training courses that you can take advantage of and enroll in to boost your resilience at work.

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