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There Shall Be Music:
What You Need to Know About Booking a Band
At Your Restaurant for the First Time

Booking a Band

Do you own a restaurant? If so, then you understand the need to keep fill seats and keep your customers happy.

When it comes to making sure that your customers are entertained while they enjoy their meal, hiring a band can make a significant difference. After all, there's nothing better than quality music for creating an atmosphere that will attract customers and make them want to return time after time.

This article takes a look at things to know when booking a band for the first time. Keep reading to get the inside scoop.

Think About How Much Space You Have to Work With

The band will obviously need enough space to set up and perform. Do you have adequate space around your dining area to accommodate them? This is a serious consideration to contemplate prior to hiring a band.

If your restaurant has limited space, you'll need to hire a band that's small enough to be able to set up their equipment and move around enough to provide a quality performance. This can be challenging, especially when space is tight and you need to have as many tables for customers as possible.

Make Sure the Band is a Good Fit for Your Clientele

It's also crucial to make sure the band is a good fit for your average customer. After all, not every style of music will work for every type of dining experience. Keep in mind that you don't want to drive customers away because the volume is too high or the music simply isn't conducive to an enjoyable evening out on the town.

Consider the Band's Reputation

Talk to other venues in the area and ask about their experiences with the band in question. There's nothing worse than a musical act that's difficult to work with, destroys property, doesn't show up on time, or doesn't provide a quality performance. Thus the more you can know about them ahead of time the better.

Be Prepared to Comp Their Drinks

It's a good idea to cover their drinks during the performance. Just be very upfront about the number of drinks you're willing to comp for each member of the band along with your behavior expectations.

Outline Your Expectations in the Contract

Speaking of expectations, you should include a list of specific expectations in their contract. This way you'll have all bases covered and there will be no mystery as to their legal obligations.

Check out this pay stub creator for paying the band.

Advertise the Event

It's also important to advertise as much as possible. Take advantage of the power of social media to drive traffic to your venture on the night of the performance.

Make Sure You Have a Valid License for Live Music and Insurance

Prior to the performance, make sure you have a valid license to host live music at your venue. You'll also need adequate insurance in case of an accident or emergency.

A Restaurant Owner's Guide to Booking a Band for the First Time

Great music can take any dining experience to the next level. Fortunately, this guide to booking a band and will help you create the perfect evening of live entertainment.

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