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5 Best Book Selling Websites for College Students

How many times in your college life have you found yourself in a situation when you simply couldn’t find the books you desperately needed for this or that class? Or, perhaps, the new books that you were required to purchase were as costly as diamonds? The great news is that you do not have to spend your money and your precious time anymore, trying to find each book from your college list!

For you exclusively, we have composed a list of six of the best bookselling websites where every college and university student can find pocket-friendly used and new books, textbooks, books that are hard to find, and so on. And we’ll check them now…


Believe it or not, but the history of the company roots back to 1842, when a small bookshop was opened in Berlin. The main specialization of Springer is research, scientific, and academic literature collections. More than 250,000 print books are out there with free shipping around the globe. If you would like to instantly download eBooks, feel free to enjoy those on any device – from Amazon Kindle to iPhone.

The service provides regular subscribers with some seasonal discounts to 50%.


The first bookseller that we would like to tell you about is the one at The company is actively engaged in various charity activities, which means its clients not only get the books they need, but they also participate directly in the website’s charity programs. Besides, students find it quite attractive to be able to save up nearly 90% of the book cost when they purchase used textbooks. Standard shipping is free around the world.


This one is a famous online book retailer. College and university students are welcome to enjoy the advantages of the price comparison engine for books that the company has launched successfully. Feel free to search for anything – from rare books to manuscripts with the help of Biblio service. Or, maybe, you’re trying to find a book that is signed by a professional writer? At, impossible is nothing.


If you’re in need of a reliable and popular internet bookstore, you will find one at The website satisfies the requirements of the most demanding readers while letting them enjoy absolutely practical prices. Plus, you can find books that are free of charge! At the website, you’re welcome to browse 469,113 books, where 74,545 are free.


The history of dates back to 1843 when the Macmillan brothers decided to open a store in the British capital and published their first book. At the moment, Palgrave Macmillan is famous for being one of the world’s leading publishing houses. Every year, the books they publish win the most prestigious awards.

If you’ve been searching for business and educational literature, feel free to find one at since that what the company specializes in. Free shipping is available all over the world when it comes to print copies. Browse a huge collection of college textbooks, books, and eBooks for all devices.

In the world of technologies, finding educational materials is not a problem anymore. Do you need a custom research paper writing service to find some writing and research help from educated writers? Just google “essay and research papers writers” and voila – dozens of options are out there to write a top-notch paper! Are you on the lookout for some rare books for college? The same ritual will help you discover loads of different books that might be available even for free. Go ahead and enjoy the ride!

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