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6 Times Bollywood Men Giving us
Lesson on Shirt & T-shirt Styles

There's nothing that can beat your favorite shirt and t-shirt when it comes to casual style. But sometimes, you don't want to hold on to basic concepts, mainly when some new varieties have plunged into the style industry. No surprise, you want an upgraded look.

But, if you have no idea how to style a half-shirt for men in a modern way, you are entirely unaware of the miracle a basic tee or shirt can shower on your looks. So get your eyes on the wardrobe that belongs to B-town men. Bollywood men’s wardrobe helps them a lot donning the most dashing style in one try.

How can you get the same wardrobe to replicate the t-shirt and shirt fashion of handsome hunks all the way from Bollywood without any issue? Let’s find out right over here.

Siddharth Malhotra in Printed Dot Shirt + Casual Jean

casual shirt style

When it comes to men's styling, and we forget the crush of many girls – sounds irresistible. After all, Siddharth Malhotra has created a remarkable spot in the entire Bollywood industry. From quaint smile to subtle yet dominating style, you can find everything picture-perfect about the young man in his latest look. Mr. Malhotra chooses a low-contrast shirt with printed dots all over the fabric that goes pretty cool with jeans helping Siddharth bag all titles he deserves for.

Ranveer Singh in Round Neck Full Sleeve T-shirt

casual shirt style

Mr. Singh can never be so far from chasing our attention with his extraordinary style that has recently turned a bit more inspiring. This round-neck t-shirt that Ranveer Singh dons with casual jeans is creating a subtle and stylish statement piece for Ranveer. There's no extra work needed, only a mix-n-match of colors, and you are all set to rock a casual trend in your way. Full sleeves at the same time are adding more elegance to Ranveer's style you can't resist.

Kartik Aryan In Half Sleeve Shirt With Quaint Prints

casual shirt style

Half shirt for men seems to get its real essence from Kartik's swag. In this boyish look, Kartik can be seen flaunting some of the coolest looks. The shirt looks great for its quaint prints working pretty well with casual blue jeans. Low contrast color and half sleeves add a summer vibe to Kartik's look that he chooses for a photoshoot. If you have no idea what to wear this summer, it's worth chasing some fashion cues from Kartik's wardrobe.

Ranbir Kapoor in Round Neck Blue T-shirt + Distressed Jeans

casual shirt style

If you seek a sophisticated and delicate style that perfectly aligns with your visions, get your eyes on Ranbir Kapoor's dressing. Here, Junior Kapoor wears a plain round neck t-shirt paired with distressed jeans for a casual feel. Even though the man keeps his style simple, you can still find some totally inspiring ideas from his outfit.

Hritik In Half Sleeve Shirt Teaming Up With Green Melon Vest

casual shirt style

Try out a green melon-colored vest with a printed half sleeve tee; Hritik expresses it all through his sexy style that he once tried in a movie. If you are also a fan of Hritik dance moves in the "Ghunghroo" song, you have certainly noticed his style that genuinely takes us. With beach print and perfect color coordination, Hritik creates the best summer look for fashion-savvy spirits.

Tiger Shroff in Round Neck full sleeve t-shirt

casual shirt style

Tiger Shroff is also ahead in the race of styling with shirt and t-shirt alone. Mr. Junior Shroff can be seen donning a full-sleeve round neck t-shirt teamed with goggles and pants in a bit neutral colors. Again, the man keeps everything simple like Ranbir Kapoor, giving us a clear indication that simplicity can help you form a winning look better than anything else.

Final Thoughts

Bollywood men have proved how a half-shirt for men or a t-shirt can work way better than one's expectation. If you are still viewing yourself in the mirror with a wary eye, hurry! It isn't your look but your wardrobe that needs an essential upgrade. If you don't have some coolest styles available there, head to – India’s one of the favorite shopping sites where you win your casual goals on the go.

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