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Need To Know About The Bob Wig & Closure Wig

The human hair bob wigs have always been very popular with black women, especially some young women. If you are new to lace wig, how much do you know about bob wig? Today's blog will tell you more about bob wig & closure wig. Keep reading if you are interested.

Bob lace wig has many different textures and colors, today we will introduce you to the details.

1. Bob Wig style:

On our website, there are types of bob lace wig textures, such as straight hair, deep wave, curly hair, etc.

If you like simple hairstyles then you are advised to choose straight hairstyles. Since straight hair style is easy to maintain, it is more suitable for beginners and lazy people.

But if you want to try some different styles of bob, you can choose Deep View Curl or Jerry Curly, because we all know that curly hair is the most suitable hairstyle for black women.

But it doesn't matter which pattern you choose, the bob style will not go wrong, because the bob style can suit most people's faces.

2. The color of the bob wig:

There are many types of colors on our website, such as natural colors, bold colors, blonde colors and burgundy colors.

If you want to choose a more casual hairstyle, you can choose a natural color, but if you are more fashionable, you can choose a colorful bob wig. Because if you choose a colorful bob hairstyle, you don't have to do any re-dyeing which can save you a lot of time and money.

3. By type of bob wig lace:

Regarding the lace type of bob wig, we have it in 13x4 lace, 4x4 lace and tee part lace. No matter what you need, we can provide it.

If you haven't tried short hair before, it is advisable to choose a bob hairstyle as it is cheap and easy to maintain.

Closure Wig

Lace closure wigs are also called lace wig with closure. Just like the Lace Front Wig, Lace Closure Wigs are also very helpful in creating beautiful hairstyles, which is why they are loved by many black American women and fashion lovers.

Lace closures are a piece of lace sewn with hair extensions at the base of the wig. Similarly, you also get frontals, but closures tend to have more style limitations. Closures are typically a 4 x 4 inch size patch. Sits in the center front of the wig. A lace closure is installed to close the wig style.

That's why it's called closure. Although the standard size for zippers is 4 x 4 inches, they can be slightly larger or smaller depending on your needs. Closures can be made with silk or lace.

Feature of Lace Closure Wigs

Hair Material: 100% Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair With Lace Closure.

Hair Features: High Quality Easy to handle. Can be dyed curly bleached. You can style whatever you want.

Hairstyle: 10-26 inches high density. Remy human hair.

Hair color: natural color.

Hair quality: Very soft, smooth, thick and shiny. No shedding, no smell, no tangle, no split, no lice, stretch the hair to make it straight and then measure, you will get the actual length of the hair.

Hair Closure Size: 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 or other customized sizes you can choose.

Wig types: body wave, straight, curly and other lace closures to make beautiful hairstyles.

Why should I choose a wig with a good closure?

They offer great versatility:
Lace closures have recently gained popularity due to the versatility and flexibility they offer. They are versatile enough to suit all hair types, regardless of whether it's natural, permed or receding.

They add color to you look without using die on your real hair:
When you wear a lace closure, you can dye your closure any color you like without dyeing your real hair. This means that you can change your look without having to worry about damaging your hair.

Lace-up closures blend well into the hairline:
Women who wear wigs often weave their hair because it makes their appearance look more natural. However, if you are wearing a lace closure, you do not need to weave your hair as the lace closure blends nicely into the hairline area, giving it a very natural look.

Lace closure offer a natural hairline:
Lace closures can provide a natural hairline that completes your look.

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