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10 Blogs You Should Be Reading Every Day
to Increase Your Sales Acumen

Sales Acumen

To hit the numbers on your sales target you need the curiosity to learn and continually hone your craft. For this, you need to be reading and listening to great sales training.

The question is where?

With the internet becoming increasing cluttered with information, it has become more so difficult to get your hands on good quality content.

And if that’s the reason why you have landed here, then brace your luck because we have compiled for you the best-of-the-web blogs that will help you through your sales journey.

Enjoy reading, and while you are at it, don’t forget to bookmark these sites!!

Here are the Top Sales Blogs

1. Kylas

In the past few months, Kylas has grown to become a trusted repository for sales related content online. They cover everything from the latest sales tips and tactics to sales effectiveness and motivation.

Readers should expect detailed content on Sales and tactical guidance from sales experts from this blog.

Not only do they publish good quality blogs twice a week, they even post resources like infographics, videos and upskilling courses.

They cover almost every vertical of sales and their content is often bite-size but always engaging.

2. Sales Gravy

Sales Gravy is an excellent blog by Jeb Blount, sales acceleration specialist and bestselling author of Fanatical Prospecting.

By subscribing to Sales Gravy, you will get access to over 1700 sales content, videos and podcasts from top sales writers.

In addition, he also shares thousands of free articles, videos, podcasts, tips, training and advice from the top sales experts on the blog.

3. Sales Folk Blog

If cold emailing is a matter of concern for you and your team, then you will definitely love this blog by Heather Morgan.

It offers outstanding examples, concise suggestions and innovative ideas to create buyer-oriented emails.

4. Sales Hacker

This is another great blog for B2B Salespeople. The best part about it is that it is by sales professionals for sales professionals.

You can expect a variety of subjects from Sales Hackers right from prospecting strategies to successful coaching techniques.

What we most enjoy about them is their distinct writing style that will engage you from the very first line.

5. CloserIQ Sales Blog

What separates good content from truly great? Experience! That’s exactly what Closer IQ offers to salespeople in a nutshell.

As a sales recruiting business, CloserIQ provides a treasure trove of sales-related content. With a network of over 60,000 sales leaders, proactively discussing selling tactics, there is nothing about sales that you won’t find here.

6. Jill Konrath’s Fresh Sales Strategies

Jill Konrath is a brand on her own. She is an expert in managing dynamic sales, and salespeople swear by her books.

Some of her great works include “Selling to BIG Businesses,” “SNAP Selling: Speed Up Sales and Win More Business with Today’s Frazzled Consumers,” “Agile Selling,” and “More Sales, Less Time”.

So, you can expect nothing but the freshest sales strategies from her blogs that are full of tips and written in a storytelling format.

Her most popular subjects include sales prospecting, success attitude and smarter work.

7. A Sales Guy

This blog by Jim Keenan, author and founder of A Sales Guy is another great blog you should be bookmarking.

Discover how to hire the top talent and speed up your sales, as Jim combines first-hand experiences and sales tips like a pro.

For sales leaders looking to expand their teams, this blog is a goldmine, to say the least.

8. The Make It Happen Blog

As the name suggests, if you want to make it happen in sales, then we suggest you start reading this blog from today.

This blog is a valuable sales resource for leaders written by John Barrows a sales trainer to the world’s fastest-growing company.

The blog is engaging and takes a walkthrough of Barrow’s personal experiences in sales. If you like to consume content that is in a storytelling format, then this might just be it for you.

9. The Sales Blog

This blog by Anthony Iannarino gives you a fresh perspective towards sales.

In this blog, he offers sales tips to his readers which are straightforward and refreshing. Readers may find his writing style easily digestible and practical, owing to his unique writing style.

10. Cerebral Selling

Last but not least we have the brainchild of David Priemer, featuring his analytical approach to the sales environment.

All the write-ups on his blog are far beyond basic and here you might find the most unique sales tips.

If you and your team need more insights on sales psychology and studies, this blog might be just right for you.

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