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Birthstone Necklace For Mom Guide to Buying

Does your mom love birthstone jewelry? Does she appreciate the sentimental value of birthstones? If so, then a birthstone necklace would make an excellent gift for her! Here's everything you need to know about picking out the perfect birthstone necklace for mom.

Step One: Choose the Right Metal

The first step in picking out a birthstone necklace for mom is to choose the right metal. What's her favorite metal? Is she allergic to any metals? Once you've answered these questions, you can narrow down your choices and start shopping!

There are a few different metals to choose from when it comes to birthstone necklaces. The most popular option is gold, but silver and platinum are also nice choices. If you're not sure what metal to pick, take a look at mom's other personalized jewelry to see what she usually wears.

Step Two: Pick the Perfect Birthstone

Now that you've settled on a metal, it's time to pick the perfect birthstone. Traditional birthstones are associated with each month of the year. However, there are also modern birthstones, which are different gemstones that are thought to be lucky or have special powers

Here are the traditional and modern birthstones for each month:

January: Garnet (Traditional), Rose Quartz (Modern)
February: Amethyst (Traditional), Onyx (Modern)
March: Aquamarine (Traditional), Jasper (Modern)
April: Diamond (Traditional), Rock Crystal (Modern)
May: Emerald (Traditional), Chrysoprase (Modern)
June: Pearl (Traditional), Alexandrite (Modern)
July: Ruby (Traditional), Turquoise (Modern)
August: Peridot (Traditional), Sardonyx (Modern)
September: Sapphire (Traditional), Lapis Lazuli (Modern)
October: Opal (Traditional), Tourmaline or Zircon(Modern)
November: Topaz or Citrine (Traditional), Chrysocolla or Tigers Eye (Modern)
December: Tanzanite, Zircon or Turquoise (Traditional), Aphrodite Stone or Bloodstone (Modern)

If you can't decide on just one stone, many birthstone necklaces come with multiple gemstones. You could even get a stone for each member of your family! Just remember to stay within mom's preferred metal so that the necklace will go with her other jewelry.

Step Three: Find the Right Necklace Length

The final step in choosing a birthstone necklace for mom is finding the right necklace length. The best way to figure out the perfect length is by measuring one of her existing necklaces. If you don't have any necklaces handy, use a piece of string or ribbon to measure around her neck. Once you have the measurement, add two inches to allow for movement and breathing room.

Conclusion: A birthstone necklace is a beautiful and sentimental gift for any mother figure in your life. By following these simple steps, you're sure to find the perfect necklace for her! Just remember to choose the right metal, pick her favorite stone, and find the perfect length. With a little bit of effort, you'll have Mom feeling spoilt in no time!

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