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How to Be a Better Disciplined Writer

By Lisa Allen

Playing with words can be a passion for many. For some, it can be a New Year resolution – “Yes, I will finish my novel this year.” For others, it can be a hobby they wanted to pursue since long. Sadly, as in the case of any other hobbies or resolutions – like how we easily put that workout schedule and weight loss resolutions to a back seat – writing with continued zeal also can be a herculean task to many of us.

Either you are a budding writer or a passionate writer struggling with hurdles in successfully writing without distractions, this post is just for you. Follow these simple writing rituals to become a successful writer and be proud of yourself.

Start Small

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh

This is often the major thing that worries a writer – the size of the content and the task. Either it could be a novel, a story, an essay or a simple post, break down the task into multiple steps. These could include:

  • Making research
  • Noting down ideas and sorting them
  • Writing the first three pages or five pages
  • Preparing the first draft
  • Making a final revision, etc.

Instead of planning for the completion of the entire task at once, aim at completing each of these tasks individually. This way you fell less stressed.

Celebrate the Milestones

Do not aim to be a super writer! Heard Superman? Do not sit for hours together for the entire writing task (unless you are tuned that way). After the end of each smaller step, appreciate yourself, review how the step went and celebrate the milestone.

You could have a nice bath, or walk, or play with your kids or puppy, or enjoy that chilled beer after you are done with each milestone. This would definitely inspire you to go ahead and complete the full task with amplified energy.

Read, Read and Read

“Can I be blunt on this subject? If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” ~ Stephen King

Reading could possibly be the only best friend of a writer. It develops your ideas. It deepens your thoughts. It enhances your approach. The more genres you read, the wider would be your perception. And needless to say, the easier would be your flow of words when you write.

So, no excuse. Find time to read at least a few pages a week, and see how your writing improves.

disciplined writer

Take Enough Time Margin

Sometimes, it can happen that you get mad with the deadlines and the work that is piling up. This can happen because of the unrealistic deadlines from your client or improper planning from your side. If needed, take an assignment help. A blog, group talk with experienced writers – anything would help.

Always bear in mind to have sufficient time margin to write, improvise and submit your work. Put aside that can’t say no attitude and take enough time from your client before accepting a writing assignment. This would reduce your stress and will help you keep going with better productivity.

Form a Routine

Writing involves ideas, words and more than anything – thoughts. These would just get better if you can tune your mind to a routine. Keep a place aside just for your writing task, and organize it better. Have everything handy – books, papers, pens, stationery, to-dos, markers, etc. Or else, if anything is missing and you start searching for it your writing mood might be distracted. Besides, keep other distractions such as tabs and mobile phones away and enjoy your writing time.

If you love music, set your headphones and music ready. Fix timings, preferably in the early hours (that’s when your mind is fresh, though it varies with individuals) and never disturb these timings at any cost. Eventually, your mind would tune itself automatically, and you could see that you are becoming a more disciplined writer.

Keep That Perfectionism Away

It’s okay to be wrong. If you want your writing to be perfect the first ever time, you could be more than stressed. Once you make a good research, organize and write all that comes to your mind. Later you can review and check for edits and changes.

Besides, it is important that you rest, relax and exercise every day to let the words and thoughts flow free from your mind!

Author Bio
Lisa Allen, an assistant writer/author working for nursing assignment, is a Ph.D. holder from the University of Sydney with years of experience in the academic field. I have already written for many sites like Trans4mind, Mindmajix, Thriveglobal, Buzzfeed, Theodysseyonline and more.
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