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Why the Best Writers Freewrite:
Let Your Ideas Flow Easily

There’s a reason why so many successful writers spend their downtime in solitude, hunched over a notepad and a trusty computer. For them, it’s a chance to let their ideas flow freely and explore new angles on old topics. Writers who freewrite do not do it for show. Freewriting is a process that helps writers uncover new ideas, new angles and new ways to deliver their message. The reality is, we’re all going to get stuck on certain ideas, stories or plots from time to time. Freewriting is the perfect way to explore these dark recesses and get unstuck. Here’s why the best writers freewrite:

It Breaks Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is a common problem for many writers. Whether it’s an inability to come up with ideas, a case of writer’s block, or just the inability to find the perfect word or phrase, writer’s block can have a negative impact on one’s writing. Freewriting helps break the mental barrier and get our creative juices flowing again.

You’ll Come Up With Unexpected Ideas

Freewriting can help us get unstuck and identify new or unexpected ideas. A lot of times, we’re staring at a blank page, unsure of what to write next. Freewriting can help solve that problem by giving our minds the opportunity to explore other topics. It also helps us come up with new angles for old subjects.

It Gives You a Writing Break From Your Usual Process

Freewriting is a fantastic break from the traditional way we write. We’re used to taking time away from our writing process, but with freewriting, there is no set time limit or guidelines on what you should write. You can explore your ideas as much as you want and get stuck in the process if needed. It’s also a fantastic way to think outside of the box. Freewriting forces you to do something different than what you’ve been doing for hours or even days on end. It provides new creative energy for your project.

You’ll Develop Your Creative Writing Skills

One of the biggest benefits of freewriting is that it helps you develop your creative writing skills. Whether you’re an aspiring novelist, a blogger, or an essayist, this technique will help you refine your skills. Freewriting offers space for new ideas and angles to emerge. Once you have poured out your creative thoughts with freewriting, you can always refine them later on through proofreading and check for any grammatical errors. Freewriting gives writers the freedom to explore their thoughts freely without judgment. The intuitive nature of freewriting means it can also be used by people who don’t consider themselves creative thinkers. It doesn't matter if your mind is agile or if you're more comfortable with linear thinking, everyone has the potential to benefit from this technique.

Final Words: How to Freewrite the Right Way

The best time to freewrite is when you’re stuck. When your usual writing methods seem to be failing you, it’s time to free up your mind and explore new ideas. Fortunately, there are many great online resources made just for freewriting, like All you have to do is write anything that comes to mind for a set amount of time. The key is not editing yourself as you write. There are no rules with freewriting, so feel free to use first person or third person perspective, use dialogue or descriptions, even jump from topic to topic if you please. You can take freewriting one step further by using a timer. Set a timer for five minutes and start writing whatever pops into your head during that timeframe. If you find yourself getting stuck on something specific or running out of ideas, go ahead and move onto another idea without judgement. The point is to explore freely and let your creativity flow without worrying about how something will sound later down the line. You never know what might come up!

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