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5 Best Punjabi Songs of 2020

The song is a combination of well-organized melody, rhythm and voice. Music is something that will make you laugh, sneeze or die. Yet people love music. Because we can't do without music. In every moment, in every case, in every aspect of life, music has become one of our most important things. We find the song now in any case. In that case, of course, find the song you need at the right time. Listening to a song for an event, listening to a piece of music when you are upset, listening to a song when you are in a good mood, listening to a song to celebrate a festival and playing a song at someone's wedding. But there is music in our lives always.

Punjabi Best Songs 2020

The world is at a standstill of Corona pandemic. Yet for those who love music, finding new songs is a joy. So to make all the listeners happy, many music makers are making music in this situation. And at the beginning of that list of favourites comes the name of Punjabi music. People get a different flavour in Punjabi songs. So they wait for those songs. The music director gives them one song after another.

1. Teri Gali

The song was released a few days ago. Barbie Maan sings the song, and Guru Randhawa writes the lyrics. V Music has given the melody to the song. In this song, Asim Riaz is seen with Barbie Maan. The two of them have been seen in romantic roles. The music has received over 22 Millions of views on YouTube.

2. Kamla

The song Rajvir Jawanda sings Kamala. G Guri has composed the music for the song. Singhjeet writes the lyrics of the song. Jasvirpal Singh and Jagjitpal Singh produced the song. The song has received over 9.6 Millions of views on YouTube.

3. Khyaal Rakhya Kar

Babbu writes this song, and Preetinder sings the song. Rajat Nagpal has composed the music for the song. The duo is very popular and deserves praise for their work together. They have won the hearts and minds of the people through their work. This song has got over 23 Millions of views on YouTube.

4. Naiyyo

Rapper Raftaar was contacted for the song Naiyyo; Raftaar and AKASA sang the song. Stego and Vinay Vyas produce the song. The song has received more than 13 Millions of views on YouTube.

5. Bandook

Nirvair Pannu sang this new song, and he wrote and composed the song himself. Deep Royce gave the music of the song, and Harman Jot produces the song. The song received over 11 Millions of views on YouTube.

Nowadays, YouTube plays a big role in knowing and understanding which song is better or which song the listeners like. When a song is uploaded on YouTube, by seeing the views, he can know the feelings of viewer's, likes, dislikes and comments of that song. It is understood that they are accepting or rejecting the song. A music maker needs to know the opinion of the listener. People's tastes change daily. They want one thing at a time. It is very important to know the difference between what they want. YouTube is the only medium where she can express her feelings, her desires, her feelings about the uploaded song. So the role of social media or YouTube is immense in this case.

And so if the popularity of a song is analyzed based on YouTube views, then there will be no mistake because people go to hear the song that they like again and again. And their views are combined and shown there on YouTube.

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