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5 Best Paraphrasing Tools You Can Consider
For Your Writings

When it comes to writing online which means online research or content writing, the writers always look for handy tools that could aid their writing and speed up the process, some university or college students look for the tools that could help them write better essays and reports, similarly, some online web content writers also look for the tools that could save their time and help them create unique content which is plagiarism-free and acceptable in the search engines. In this regard, we’ve come up with the top 3 online plagiarism-free paraphrasing tools that could help writers in a better way.

Quillbot is one of the good online tools available, writers can make use of this tool, this is also one of the oldest tools available on the internet, however, there is a limit to paraphrasing, some of the features of this tool are paid and users have to pay extra for excessive use of this tool.

2-Paraphrasing Tool

This tool is named Paraphrasing Tool itself, according to the company, this tool is powered by AI which rephrases sentences with common sense, and the articles paraphrased using this tool become human-readable, the tool is absolutely free for users and it has no limit. Writers can use this tool on any device with ease. The tool helps users to change sentences, paraphrase words, and make the plagiarism of the article free with just one click.

The website mainly is an SEO website that has many other tools that are used for SEO but they also have a plagiarism checker tool, this tool is also paid for heavy use. However, writers can make use of free versions to paraphrase their content. The tool becomes paid for some features.

Plagiarism detector is also another good tool for writers, this tool is almost similar to prepostseo tool which is mentioned above, this tool also has a premium version which is paid. The writer can make use of this tool is a free version. It rewrites sentences powerfully with some errors in the results.

Duplichecker is one of the good tools we must acknowledge, duplichecker is the tool that also has agrammar checker tool available on the internet but the paraphrasing tool is free to use for light usage. The heavy users have to sign up for paid options and the basic package costs $20 per month.


All the paraphrasing tools mentioned above are good and have some positive and negative posts, writers can try these tools and check which works best for them. The tool named paraphrasing tool is free of cost for all users and there is no limit of usage.

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