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Three Best Painting Kits for Beginner Artists
– 2020 Buying Guide

According to what is generally believed by people, being an artist, or creating art pieces is not a simple task. Creating a single piece of art that would be considered so takes practice, hard work, and constant dedication. However, that is not to say that a person either is born with an artistic skill or is not. Art and its related skills can be developed over time, like all things, if given the proper time and attention.

Art is not only limited to learning brushstrokes against a canvas anymore; the concept of art has expanded into new dimensions now, with almost anything creative coming into the territory of art. This includes sculpting, pottery, makeup, drawing, and even graphic designing on computers, etc. The limitations once put on art are no longer present; therefore, any form of creativity can be referred to as art.

However, learning to perfect any particular skill takes time. Beginner and budding artists must not be intimidated by learning a new skill, and hence should start small in terms of projects and slowly work their way up to more challenging projects. There are many different ways to learn and develop a skill; however, the most effective one is investing in painting kits as they are the simplest and easiest way to dive into the world of art. Moreover, as they have all the necessary tools in one set, getting started with different painting kits is considered a big help, especially for beginners.

This article will discuss the three best painting kits for beginner artists.

1. Lucky Crown 83 Piece Deluxe Art Set

 Painting Kits

This painting kit is not only a paint kit but also a complete art set, which consists of 83 tools to help you grasp the artistic skill. This painting kit includes a smooth, portable wooden case, a palette for color mixing, an eraser and sharpener, a 50-page sketchbook to draw and paint in, eight high-quality acrylic paints to jumpstart your painting skills, eight oil pastels, ten artist brushes of different shapes and sizes, 12 sketching pencils to help you grasp the drawing skill. These 12 watercolor cakes can provide a large palette for water coloring and 28 watercolor pencils.

Moreover, this painting kit consists of a modern design that looks elegant. It has two drawers, and the push and pulls design makes it extremely easy to put in and take out a specific brush. Also, this painting kit is entirely safe and, therefore, can be used by beginner adults and kids. As it is portable, this kit can help you with painting wherever you are. Most importantly, it is quite affordable as beginner artists do not have to spend too much to acquire it. However, as it is an all-in-one kit, there is less variety of one specific skill type, i.e., limited paints.

2. MEEDEN 148-Piece Deluxe Artist Painting Set

 Painting Kits

This painting kit is fantastic if you are sure that painting is the only artistic skill you wish to dive into. This large 148 piece painting kit consists of a tall easel, a table easel, 48 acrylic paints, 24 watercolors, 24 oil paints, ten acrylic paint brushes, ten watercolor paintbrushes, ten oil paint brushes, two canvases and six canvas panels, one acrylic pad, one watercolor pad, one oil pad, six plastic palette knives, one plastic, and one wooden paint palette and one color mixing wheel.

This is the ultimate painting kit for anyone looking to learn acrylic, oil, and watercolor painting. Moreover, all the paints and brushes are of high quality, ensuring your first experience is one you will always remember. However, this painting kit is costly, but the number of art tools available makes up for the price.

3. Paint with Diamonds Painting Kit

 Painting Kits

If you are looking to learn painting, but through exciting methods that will challenge you and keep you motivated, the diamond painting kit is the perfect solution. This painting kit is not like regular painting; through this method, you learn to paint your pictures with tiny diamond beads that you place on a canvas of your choice. Moreover, you can even put custom pictures on the canvas of your liking.

This type of painting is not only simple but also provides guidelines for you that beginner artists might lack from other painting kits. Each diamond painting comes with a canvas of your choosing, an applicator pen, diamond beads in different colors, and an adhesive glue to stick the diamonds. This diamond painting kit is the perfect painting kit for beginners because it keeps them motivated to learn more through simple tasks. They can slowly work their way up to more intimidating and difficult painting tasks. Lastly, it is also very cost-effective for beginners looking to learn a skill on a budget.

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