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Office Lighting Ideas for Improved
Productivity and Wellness

To make sure employees are working in an environment that is conducive to high performance and productivity, it’s important to pay attention to the lighting ergonomics in your workplace. Here are 3 office lighting ideas to help upgrade your workplace and improve employee well-being. 

Use LED Lights 

Though natural light is the best lighting source for office spaces, not everyone has access to it. For workplaces situated in windowless areas, consider using LED lights that mimic natural light to improve lighting ergonomics for your employees. 

Compared to traditional incandescent light bulbs, LED lights not only provide brighter lighting but also produce less flare and flicker that are known to cause migraines. In addition, LED lights are much safer than traditional lights since they contain no mercury, emit less heat, and produce only a negligent amount of ultraviolet rays.

Choose a Cooler Color Temperature

The color temperature of your workplace’s lighting can greatly affect employees’ well-being and productivity. Warmer tones that mimic the sunset can induce a feeling of relaxation and comfort, which makes these lighting options a better choice for areas like the break room.

On the other hand, cooler color temperatures that contain more blue-enriched lights can be a great fit for areas like the conference room where employees need to stay alert and focused. 

Use Layered Light Sources

To put it simply, layered light sources mean using multiple light fixtures to create a well-lit and vibrant environment. Working in a dim office space is never ideal. To ensure employees aren’t straining their eyes especially when working on computers, make sure to supplement overhead lighting with task lights such as desk lamps. 

Ready to upgrade the lighting at your workplace? Head over to Zoro to shop for the best office lighting options. 

How Office Lighting Can Increase Employee Wellbeing
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