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Best New Releases on MyAsianTV You Shouldn't Miss


Description: GogoAnime is a popular site that offers a wide selection of anime and films available for streaming. The site offers material that spans a variety of genres such as action, adventure, romance and even fantasy.

The site offers both dubbed and subbed anime. This site is renowned for its large library of anime regular updates and an intuitive interface for users that allows effortless navigation and searches.

Its popularity is evident as GogoAnime draws a worldwide audience, particularly among fans of anime who are looking for most recent episodes right after the release in Japan.

Legal Status: The website exists in a gray zone in regards to copyright since it is often hosting unlicensed content that could result in periodic shut downs or even domain change.


The description: MyasianTV is a streaming site that focuses on Asian dramas. It includes Korean, Japanese, Chinese as well as Taiwanese television shows and films. It has a broad selection of genres, including romance and comedy, thrillers, as well as the dramas of the past.

Features: The platform offers English subtitles for the majority of its content and makes it more accessible for non-Asian audiences. The library is also up-to-date with new series and release.

The popularity of the show: MyasianTV is particularly popular for fans of K-dramas and other Asian dramas. The channel is an easy way to access the shows that are not available in their country that they originate from.

Legal Status: Much like GogoAnime, MyasianTV often streams material that is not licensed which raises ethical and legal concerns regarding intellectual property rights.


Information: KissAsian is a well-known site for streaming Asian film and drama that is similar to MyasianTV. The site hosts an extensive collection that includes Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese entertainment.

Features: The website offers English subtitles, as well as an easy-to-use interface with categorizing as well as search options that boost the experience for users. The site is regularly refreshed with the most recent episodes and the newest series.

Its popularity: KissAsian enjoys a significant audience of international viewers of Asian shows, due to its vast catalog as well as regularly updated content.

Legal Situation: KissAsian, like the other two sites, typically has legal problems because of the unauthorised circulation of copyrighted content that can lead to frequent issues with access.

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