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2021 version: 5 Best LMS Companies
for Your Corporate Training

The Learning Management System is essential for any corporate company - big or small - for various purposes. 

From new hire orientation to product sales training, it is one size fits all software. 

How to find which LMS company suits my needs?

Well, here are five great options for your corporate training. 

● Adobe Captivate Prime

Adobe Captivate Prime, an LMS company, helps you administer the end to end training for your employees, partners and customers.

It’s plus is in its seamless integration with other enterprise apps like Adobe Connect, Salesforce CRM to improve the user experience.

The learning ecosystem manages to reduce the skill gap with its best-in-class content directly from the experts. 

The key characteristics of Adobe Captivate Prime are

  1. Brightcove adaptive video streaming to rapidly access the content.
  2. 24 * 7 support to sort out any issues in the LMS. 
  3. Topic-based discussion boards for users to share their insights with peers.
  4. Both synchronous and asynchronous learning types.
  5. One time purchasable license.

● GyrusAim

GyrusAim is an award-winning SAAS based LMS company for managers and learners. It promises to deliver result-oriented employee training. 

Specifically, it aims at providing compliance training such as Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and much more.

Similarly, they have distinct modules for developing leadership skills and soft skills. 

The key characteristics of GyrusAim are

  1. Unified learning through skill management and needs analysis.
  2. Predefined certification templates for courses and curriculum separately.
  3. Content repurposing options to tweak based on the trends and requirements.
  4. Automated report scheduling to mail employees’ weekly and monthly reports.
  5. Pricing starts at $3000 per year for 100 active users.

● Looop

Looop is a straightforward LMS company that gets your job done perfectly. 

It addresses critical areas of failure and solves real-time problems in your employees’ careers, thus driving better performance.

It’s actionable checkpoints ensure what works and what doesn’t work in the training module to bridge the gaps in the course module.

The key characteristics of Looop are

  1. Create content within seconds.
  2. Relevant resources for your employees to structure their learning.
  3. The campaign, the latest feature in Looop tracks employees’ engagement.
  4. Integration of external videos automatically to make content enjoyable.
  5. Pricing starts at $299 with secure cloud hosting facilities.

● LearnWorlds

Isn’t an all in one LMS tool a great option to go with? Yes, LearnWorlds creates an online training tailormade for you. 

Even if you want to market and sell the employee training course, LearnWorlds offers a white label solution.

It has numerous customizable templates and modular page builders to give your employees a holistic training. 

The key characteristics of LearnWorlds are

  1. Emphasis on learner experience to improve constantly.
  2. Self-paced learning course for all types of employees.
  3. Automated video transcripts and advanced analytics.
  4. Bulk user actions without dripping on server load.
  5. Pricing starts at $29 per month for the starter package.

● Nimble LMS

Nimble LMS manages a wide number of learners to a small team in its elearning programme.

Its versatile yet easy interface makes your learners grasp the concept at their own pace.

It offers FREE training and unlimited trial to all users before signing up for the premium package. 

Nimble LMS even helps you in setting up an online business and monetizing it via e-commerce.

The key characteristics of Nimble LMSare

  1. FREE Nimble author license to create your own course.
  2. Intuitive traffic light system to track learners progress.
  3. Branded certificates to reward your employees.
  4. In-depth analytics in terms of group and individual performances.
  5. FREE accessibility to basic trial version and premium package pricing starts at $2252.

The Bottomline

Investing in getting an LMS is an important decision that influences your employees' professional growth and organizational stature. We recommend you to take up a FREE trial of potential choices before purchasing one.

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