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10 Best Free Online Paraphrasing Tools 2021

Paraphrasing is an art that can save you tons of wasted time and energy. With the help of this genius writing trick, you will be able to re-write any given information. Paraphrasing has existed since the students started working on their academic papers, essays, and assignments.

Students cannot produce new information by collecting data, instead, they are dependent on the existing information. So if you have to rewrite an article or essay, you will have to use a paraphrasing tool that helps rephrase your content without any hassles.

A paraphrasing tool can be a student’s best friend, be it your course work or homework, these tools will assist you to create the best writing material without any problems.

Importance of online paraphrasing tools:

  • Covers your weak writing skills
  • Re-construct the structure of your story or essay
  • It helps develop fast writing
  • Builds critical and analytical thinking
  • You can write on almost any topic
  • Paraphrase without changing the meaning of the paragraph.

If you are a student that needs a paraphrasing tool for your coursework then you need to read this post till the end to find out some of the best paraphrasing tools in 2021.

1. Quill Bot

This paraphrasing tool has been a favorite of many researchers and writers. With its artificial intelligence settings, you can change the sentences. You can also alter the tone of voice and wordiness of a sentence.

If you are a writer, you must experience this daily that you try to say something that is in your mind and it may sound amazing when you think about it. But when you start to put it in words, it sounds wordy, uneven, and out of context. The only thing that can help you at this moment is an AI technology that enhances your content into a very readable and understandable text.

Quill Bot has other features as well, such as summarizing your paragraphs and sentences. They also have a paid version that allows you to add in your special requirements. These paid tools assist most professional writers and researchers.

But if you are just a student that needs help with essay then you can also use Quill Bot. It provides you with accurate paraphrasing without changing the meaning of the paragraph or sentences.

2. Paraphrase Online

Paraphrase Online has been a good re-wording application/website that helps students of all fields to maintain the meaning of sentences while rearranging the sentences sophistically. If you believe that your essay or assignment topic is being repeated and you cannot think of new ideas. This tool would be worth your money since it has the most advanced settings you cant think of.

It allows you to use the AI thesaurus to replace any word that doesn’t seem correct in the sentence. The app itself is user-friendly and has a good interface. You can navigate through the websites easier to get what you want within a few minutes.

If you are a content writer that needs to rephrase words for a website, then you come across the perfect application since the writing style of this tool is sophistical and promotional.

3. Spinner Rewrite

This incredible software was built in 2011 and since then they have been famously known for their fast services. Within a few minutes, you can change or rephrase your sentences. This software is ideal for a student who is on the go. You are in your library writing away your essay and you then check it for plagiarism and it comes back at a high percentage.

The only two options you have got are to discard the entire paper or use Spinner Rewrite to quickly paraphrase the entire document. Without fail, you will receive a document that contains the perfect content which contains little to no plagiarized content. With this tool, you can also avoid using the same refrencing sources as you can easily catch the previously cited sources within the same document.

4. Clever Spinner

As the name suggests, the Clever Spinner is intelligent software that helps create your original written material without any repetitive information. This refined software has been widely used by bloggers and writers. This paraphrasing tool can easily detect even the slightest repetitive words. To reduce your workload as a professional writer, you can use the free and paid version of this brilliant paraphrasing tool. Nothing gets unchecked with Clever Spinner and they guarantee it on their website.

5. The Best Spinner 4.0

Generate the best essays and articles with the best spinner 4.0 paraphrasing tool. They provide 100% authentic and flawless written texts. They have a good rating on their website with satisfied customers praising the software.

Their unique features work well with 14+ languages. This software can paraphrase your article or essay in the language you want. With 90,000+ users from this January 2021, the best spinner 4.0 is winning hearts all over the world.

The software is also equipped with text-to-functionality which can be a plus point for a student who is visually impaired.

6. Word AI

If you are looking for another incredible paraphrasing tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to understand the text first, then you should get Word Ai to change your original content. There is nothing worse than not being able to keep the authenticity of the original document when paraphrasing. You don’t want the meaning of the text to be changed but most paraphrasing tool does that.

Word Ai has that smart and intelligent technology that goes through the text first, analyzes it and then rephrases it. Their recent change in their user interface makes the website look more like a friendly application.

7. Chimp Rewriter

If you work for the best essay writing service then you know the struggle of being a professional writer, out of ideas. You compose hundreds and hundreds of research papers. Some of them with the exact same topic. This is when the Chimp Rewriter comes in handy. It makes your document completely new without losing the original meaning.

8. Go Paraphrase

The fast paraphrasing tool makes any document worth reading. This software can easily be accessed from your mobile phone, if you are working remotely you need not worry about paraphrasing. Now you can get any document paraphrased on the go!

9. Spinner Chief 6

This paraphrasing tool especially targets freelancers and academic writers. They have a fine paraphrasing tool that produces high-quality content without any hassle. You download the application on your computer or mobile to access one of the best in the business.

10. WordTune

As the name suggests, this paraphrasing tool uses its Artificial Intelligence to maintain the tone of voice you want. It tunes out the words the way you want, also it keeps the unique meaning within the refined text. Free and paid versions are available with multiple features.

Author Bio:

Jesscia Carvin has been working with writing-challenged clients for over five years. She provides academic writing, essays and assignments services. Her educational background in Business and Technical English Writing and Blogging has given her a broad base from which to approach many topics. She also provides the best essay writing service especially for colleges & university students.

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