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What Are the Best Careers in 2020?

Whether you’re searching online for jobs using keywords like top jobs 2020 and top jobs in America, you’d probably get the same list of jobs that are so highly paid this year.

Also, if you’re writing about the best careers in 2020, you don’t need to go to or any other pay someone write an essay for me websites because here in this list is a comprehensive overview already of what your career options are today. Let’s start!


It might be hard to take in that genetic counselor is already an actual job, but it actually is. In the area of health care support, there is solid research stating that you may be able to hit $80,000 salary for this job alone. 

The main task of this job is to assess whether you are prone to getting a certain disease related to your genetics. These counselors are able to advise you of the most appropriate precautions, evaluations, and tests that can evaluate your risk exposure.


If being a dentist is too much of a commitment, then you should consider being a dental hygienist. There might be cities or states where dental hygienists have to be supervised by an actual dentist, but in areas where they don’t need to be, the career of being one can be lucrative. A median salary of more than $74,000 is calculated to be an easy offer for this profession. There’s also an impressive 0.6% employment rate for the professionals in this sector.


Those who are responsible for creating your favorite web apps like Facebook are one of 2020’s best careers to consider. There’s an expected demand for this sector, which reached to expected growth of about 13% by the time we reach 2028, and so web developers could be a safe bet for those starting their career. With collaboration with graphic artists and content writers, a web developer can improve the news sites and e-commerce platforms today to make it easy for customers to navigate them.


From a child’s regular check-up to the improvement of the child’s mental growth, a pediatrician is vital to a child’s healthy development. This is no less true in 2020, where a pediatrician can earn as much as $170,000 a year. There’s a high demand for pediatricians mainly for the fact that a child would still be needing their services from infancy to later in their adult life. 

It might require a lot of commitment if you want to be one, though. You have to attend years of undergrad studies, and then medical school before going through residency training. It’s costly, mentally draining, and it will be a risky endeavor since you’re always exposed to hospital viruses and other risks.


This job requires you to assist doctors during surgery and other medical procedures to make sure that the operations run smoothly. Unlike the regular anesthesiologists that are required to attend medical school, the nurse anesthetists can just take an advanced level of training. 

If you’re already a nurse, you just have to take one year of critical care experience before you’re eligible for such a job. There’s a lot of expectation for this career to rise, and so 2020 is a great year to consider this career as a top choice for any undergrad.

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