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Bella Hadid's Bold, Baggy Style: How She's Making a Statement

Bella Hadid has been making headlines with her unique style choices, but it's her affinity for baggy jeans aesthetic and tomboy chic clothing that has really caught the public's attention.

Bella Hadid's Bold Style

From oversized shirts and trousers to slouchy jumpsuits and shorts, the model has embraced a more relaxed and liberating form of fashion. But why does Bella Hadid choose to wear baggy clothes?

The answer may lie in her desire to make a statement. By wearing looser-fitting clothing, the model is able to express her individuality and show that she is comfortable in her own skin.

Baggy clothes also allow for greater freedom of movement, which is especially important for Bella when she's on the runway or on a photoshoot.

The way Bella styles her baggy clothing is also noteworthy.

It’s easy to feel like you’re stuck in a fashion rut when all you’re wearing are jeans and t-shirts. But you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort when dressing for a casual day. Baggy jeans, when paired with a structured top, can create a look that is both stylish and comfortable.

Bella often pairs her oversized pants and jeans with more structured pieces such as fitted blazers and tailored skirts.

Bella Hadid's Baggy Style

When it comes to the jeans, opt for a loose fit and a light wash. Darker washes can be too heavy for the look, while lighter washes will help create contrast. If you’re feeling daring, try a pair of ripped jeans for an edgy vibe.

This creates a balanced look that is both modern and sophisticated.

Bella also likes to accessorize with statement jewelry and bold shoes, which add an extra flair to her outfits. Chunky accessories are always a good idea with baggy outfits - and it's clear that Bella Hadid is not afraid of making a statement with her baggy style.

She's proving that you don't have to sacrifice comfort for fashion and that you can express your individuality through your clothing choices.

It's a style that is sure to be copied by fashionistas everywhere.

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