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5 Things to Know About Being Furloughed

Being Furloughed

This year, people are throwing the term “furloughed” around a lot. You might not even have known what that term meant before this 2020. Now, you might be going through it.

Your boss or job furloughing you essentially means that they’re putting you on hold. You can’t come in to work until they say you can return. It doesn’t mean they’re firing you or laying you off, but rather that they want you back at a certain point.

Let’s dig into this concept in a little more detail so you can know what to expect during this difficult time.

You Can Use This Time to Look for Another Permanent Position

If you’re wealthy, then it doesn’t matter much if your boss furloughs you from work. However, not many people can say that. If your job has furloughed you, that means:

  • You don’t have any money coming in
  • You might not know when you can return to work

It’s not exactly an ideal situation. Maybe your boss furloughed you soon after the pandemic began, and you haven’t gone back yet. Your savings are likely running out.

You can use this time to hunt for another job, though. You might like your current job, but if your boss can’t pay you at the moment, they will understand if you have to move on.

Being furloughed can lead to a new (and better!) career if you’re persistent and lucky. You can take this time to go on Indeed and LinkedIn to see what’s available. Your current boss can probably give you a good recommendation if you get that far along in the process.

It’s Not Because of Anything You Did

Some people whose boss furloughed them during this time feel like it happened because they failed somehow. However, that’s not the case at all.

More than anything else, jobs are furloughing people because of the pandemic. That’s because:

  • You might work in a profession where it’s not safe to go back yet
  • Your company might be on the brink of closing

If your boss felt like you weren’t doing a good job, they would have fired you or laid you off. If they furloughed you, that means that they want you back. They just don’t have anything available for you right now.

Don’t be too hard on yourself because of this development. It’s not because of anything that you did or didn’t do. This situation was out of your control.

You Can Take This Moment to Reevaluate Your Professional Life

One thing Covid-19 has forced many people to do is to reevaluate their lives. That’s certainly true regarding how many individuals make their living.

If your boss furloughed you, then during the downtime, you can think about where you are in your career. You can ask yourself if you’re truly doing what you want. Maybe you’ve been thinking about applying for a different job or trying out a different path.

You can look at this as the catalyst that galvanized you into action. You can start taking steps to move in a different professional direction. In this respect, the pandemic might be a blessing in disguise.

On the other hand, maybe you’re not aware of much besides how much you miss your job. If so, you know that you’re in the right career field, and there’s no need to hunt for something new. You’ll just have to come up with a way to make money to tide you over till your boss summons you back to work.

You Might Use this Time to Find a Temporary Job

If your boss furloughed you, they can hardly expect you to sit on your couch all day waiting for them to get back in touch with you. Maybe they didn’t even have so much as a ballpark estimate when they might reopen your company.

If you’re in that situation, you might look for a fallback option to make money, just until you can return to your old job. Maybe this temporary situation has to do with your current career field, or perhaps it has nothing to do with it.

You do not need to be in love with your new job. You just need something to pay the bills until you can get back to your old position.

Maybe your new job will work out so well that when your boss summons you back, you’ll turn them down. You must wait and see how you feel about your new moneymaking venture.

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