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Everything You Should Know About Beautyforever Hair Bundle


Human hair bundles are the best option for women who want to add length and volume to their hair. They are bringing beautiful thick locks to women everywhere. The hair bundles offer many benefits to natural hair such as hair protection. Bundles are added to natural hair by sewing, gluing or trimming without damaging the natural hair. They are very versatile and allow for easy parting of hair as well as perfect blending to give natural hair a fuller and natural look. There are many different types of human hair bundles in the market today such as Brazilian hair bundles, Peruvian hair bundles, Indian hair bundles, Malaysian hair bundles. Bundles of hair can be permed, colored and bleached in any style you like.

How Many Hair Bundles Do You Need?

When shopping for human hair bundles, there are many factors that will affect the number of bundles you need such as hair length, texture, how full it is, and the type of human hair you prefer. Generally, 3 to 4 human hair bundles are required for a complete sew-in.

Below is a brief overview of the factors:

Length of human hair:

How full the hair is will be determined by the length of the hair. A typical bundle of hair is about 100 grams and the longer the hair, the thinner the hair. If you are looking for long human hair bundles, you should buy extra bundles for complete sewing. For example, short hair requires 3 human hair bundles but for long hair, you will need at least 4 bundles.

Fullness of human hair:

Different women have different needs when it comes to completeness of remy hair. Some like fuller hair while others prefer not too thin. This way you can choose the amount of hair bundles you want. If you like full hairstyles, go for more bundles.

Human hair wigs come in different hair groups such as cheap human hair bundles with closure, human hair bundles with frontals, 13x4 lace front wig human hair bundles, human hair bundles with 360 frontals, and many more. If you choose to wear human hair bundles with a lace closure, you may need to get more bundles than human hair bundles with a front. This is because a lace frontal will cover the head from ear to ear but a lace closure only covers from temple to temple. So if you are choosing 3 human hair bundles with frontals, you should get 4 human hair bundles with lace closure.

What Are the Best Quality Hair Bundles?

The best type of human hair bundles that you should get are 100% remy human hair because of the following reasons:-

  • The best virgin remy human hair bundles are unprocessed and ensures no tangling, minimal shedding, very soft and long lasting.
  • Remy human hair weave helps protect natural hair and is very versatile. It can be restyled into many different popular human hair styles like kinky straight human hair, kinky curly hair, jerry curly human hair, loose wave human hair, and more.

Tips on Buying the Best Hair Bundles

Here are some tips on how to find the best quality human hair bundles.

Human hair bundles come in different grades and they are 7A, 8A, 9A, and 10A grades. These are the four most commonly chosen types of human hair bundles. The first step is to choose your favorite.

Next, you should confirm that the human hair bundles you have chosen are indeed 100% virgin remy human hair bundles.

Finally, the most important step is to buy your human hair bundles from a trusted hair vendor. Do your research by reading hair salon ratings and reviews. Visit their website for more information. A good hair supplier offers a range of human hair products that have gone through strict quality control, uses the latest techniques to offer long-lasting, natural-looking hair extensions and best human hair wigs without any chemicals, provides professional customer service and offers a reasonable price.

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