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Advice on Balancing Military and College at the
Same Time (and Succeeding in Each)

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The military values people with high academic qualifications. Many have obtained degrees while still serving their country. If you feel the need to increase your academic qualification, you can earn your degree.

Balancing military and college at the same time is a difficult task, but it doesn't have to be impossible. Read the list for the best advice on doing both.

Make a Flexible Learning and Work Schedule

Most colleges have strict academic regulation about class attendance that affects your performance. Schools have minimum requirements for successful graduation. That demands that you must attend all classes before obtaining a certificate.

The military requires internal personnel competent in researching and coping skills. Seek for a college that will allow you to enroll while serving your duties. Time management demand selecting a night shift to attend classes during the day or vice versa. Consult your military work schedule before selecting the best time slot for attending classes.

Securing Funding

Military personnel can access several funding resources within the profession. You can secure tuition from other outside sources to ensure that you have enough to complete your bachelor’s degree. GoArmy Tuition Assistance is a student loan program that can pay for your entire bachelor’s or master’s degree program.

Even if you have bad credit, military personnel can access bad credit loans that allow you to borrow $500 to $10,000.

Learning Options for Someone in Military and College at the Same Time

You can enroll in an on-base, satellite, or online college to achieve your objectives. Your choice depends on the stationing location, time availability, and the desired degree major.

On-base education is flexible with less commuting time and provides sizable classes. The schools are easily accessible and within your station that can make it easier to partition time for college while in the army. However, on-base institutions have fewer degree plans and tightly scheduled classes.

Select satellite campuses near your base to be in the military and college at the same time. Such institutions charge the lowest tuition rates and have small, efficient classes. The option has fewer majors because not all colleges have contracts to serve military bases.

Online programs provide the best college options for going to college while in the army. There are several accredited schools offering a wide range of online degree programs. You can learn at your own pace and at the comfort of your home while still working. However, you must invest in technology requirements to access the classes.

Military and College at the Same Time

You can be successful in military and college at the same time if you focus on your goals. First, select a good major plan and a college option that serves you well. Second, embrace proper time management skills by balancing your work and school objectives to achieve your goals in life. Last, plan your finances and secure a loan to attend college while in the military.

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