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Ideas for Baju Muslimah: What to Wear to Work

Today's working environment is no longer as tight as it was in offices a generation earlier. Most offices have evolved from wearing uniforms into more casual looks. Office style is no longer limited to shirts, trousers, or uniforms that must be worn five days a week, office wear is more informal while retaining the professional looks. 

Choosing baju Muslimah attire for wearing hijab women could be a little bit tricky as we need to find balance in being professional, decent, and would be able to cover you. There are a lot of local and international celebrities that can be an inspiration for women who wear hijab. The choice of combination of styles that they provide can inspire you to be more confident. 

Baju Muslimah

If you are a woman in a hijab who is currently looking for ideas for wearing the most fashionable and beautiful baju Muslimah as your office attires, of course, you are in the right place. We have various references and tips that we think would be useful for you to appear elegant and can be a good reference that would be great for your office wear

1. Semi-formal appearance

A daily formal look doesn't always have to be in a blouse. Your daily look can be made a little formal by adding a blazer as your outerwear. Pair it with a loose pant to create a business look. As a complement, the choice of white sneakers will give a sporty and casual impression. These office clothes can be relied on to give a fresh impression to new clients, especially when you are not in the mood to wear a formal suit.

2. The Business Casual Look 

Blouses are still a good choice for office wear if you wish to have a nice casual look. Women's baju Muslimah blouses are not only limited to cotton material, but they have developed using other materials like chiffon. Stylish work blouses will maintain your polite, formal looks and display elegance.

3. The Simple and Casual Maxi Skirt

Sometimes we get bored with the same fashion office wear outfits, like pants or blouses. Every now and then we have to try a different fashion by using a skirt or another outfit. It is time for you to invest in maxi skirts and match it with your baju Muslimah. You can pair the maxi skirts in different styles with a blazer, jacket, or vest and display the professional looks!

4. Look professional with Trouser Suit

Going to the office in a trouser suit is everyone's go-to style. Trouser suits are not only for males. As a woman in hijab, you can also style this with a proper baju Muslimah with a fresher look. For maximum appearance, you can add a white t-shirt and kitten heels mules.

With the current fashion developments, it allows you to be experimental by combining a several fashion look and feel. Office wear should not be limited to formal shirts and pants, you can try some of these styles in the future!

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