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Do What You Love: Check Out These
Awesome Careers for Creative People

There are all types of jobs out there. Some jobs require that you stand on your feet all day and put tab A into slot B. Other jobs require that you go to school for several years so that you can work in a profession that demands a high level of skill. But if you’re someone who has the creative gene, someone who enjoys drawing or writing or designing, are there jobs you can do where people will actually pay you? Fortunately, the answer is yes. There are many careers that require creative skills.


There are many types of writers and many types of writing. A career as a journalist might suit you if you’re someone who enjoys facts and working with other people. Keep in mind that as a journalist, you’ll be required to talk with all sorts of people. It also helps if you’re a little nosey or curious about what’s going on in the world and in people’s lives.

Or maybe you enjoy world-building and like the idea of creating characters and scenes. If this describes you, you may want to be a creative writer in the strict sense of the term. Creative writers are those who write novels, short stories, and plays. And there are many other types of creative writers:

  • Scriptwriter
  • Poet
  • Songwriter
  • Speechwriter
  • Essayist


The artist category is as broad as the writer category, as there are many types of artists. One of the hottest jobs today for an artist is being a graphic designer. A graphic designer creates visual concepts either by hand or by computer that are used in a number of ways. Whether posters and marketing materials or packaging and company logos, all involve graphic design.

Another career option for someone who is artistic is being a cartoonist or an animator. A cartoonist typically creates images for comic strips, while an animator draws cartoons for movies, TV, and video games. Or maybe portrait painting is more your style. Portrait painters, like novelists, are sometimes referred to as starving artists until their big break.

Tattoo Artist

Have you noticed the number of people sporting tattoos these days? Whereas years ago becoming a tattoo artist might not have been considered a viable career option, things have changed in the last few decades. Today, some tattoo artists not only have earned celebrity status they’ve also made a good deal of money doing what they love.

Being a tattoo artist is a good career option for the creative person who might have a bit of an edge or for someone who simply enjoys seeing their artwork on another person. Although the customer usually has an idea about the type of tattoo he wants, it’s the tattoo artist that brings the idea to life.

Web Designer

Another hot career option for a creative person is being a web designer. A web designer is responsible for creating the visual aspects of a website. Every website that you see on the internet was conceived, designed, and developed by someone. Web design is so popular there are even coding boot camps that teach people the fundamentals of the profession.

As a web designer, you’ll have the luxury of working on your own and possibly from anywhere in the world. You’ll also be able to put your individual spin on projects, giving vent to the creativity within you. Being a web designer is one of those jobs you can see being around for a long time.

Interior Designer

Being an interior designer is another hot career option for creative people. An interior designer devises the layout of rooms within a home, choosing everything from furniture to textures to design patterns.

Of course, interior design isn’t just limited to the home. Corporations, churches, schools, and many other institutions employ interior designers in an effort to give building interiors just the right look. Begin your interior design journey by taking relevant courses from online colleges like the National Design Academy.

There are many job options for people who are creative. Being a writer, an artist or a web designer are just a few of the careers available. The one thing most creatives have in common is a desire to see the visions within their heads come to life: whether that be on the page, on the computer screen, or even on someone’s body. The good thing is that being creative doesn’t just have to be a hobby; there are people who will pay you for it.

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