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A General Overview of AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional Exam

In this article, we will be discussing all about AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional exam and all the things you need in order to prepare and pass the examination.

Being certified in your chosen field can have its perks. You can be noticed from thousands of applications for a job position you’re applying for and you can be promoted in your workplace. You can be the go – to guy for problems and latest updates on the current trends. You can help your company run better and share your knowledge and skills with your co – workers and other employees.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional Exam Assess Your Skills

AWS certification is a process where you are being assessed if you can imitate a network structures using machines, cables, routers and anything that will make the program run. You will also be assessed with how capable you are in securing your data and network from any unwanted log – ins and from assaults both internally and externally. While doing all of this, you have to make sure that your costs are not that expensive.

If you think you are capable of this and have enough knowledge and background with this sort of job, then the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional certification is for you. The professional exam has a pre – requisite that is the associate’s exam. If you passed the associate’s, you can now go and take the examination and choose what area of expertise you want.

How to prepare for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional exam

If you have hands – on experience with AWS, you will not have to worry much. The best way is if you have a year or two practicing the software and are familiar with how it works. Do not worry if you are still new to the system, you can always start with the associate’s certification and pursue your career with AWS. After that, you can continue with getting that professional certification you’ve always wanted.

There are trainings you can attend to better practice your skills. This is important because you will be assessed by your capabilities and how well you can perform using the software. You can take up training classes and there are even online courses available for you to use.

There is some other reliable source available online for the preparation of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional exam. These includes exam simulator and some other beneficial sources like dumps and the practice test. Checkout AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional Exam Simulator.

Also, there are YouTube tutorials that you can view freely and repeatedly if ever you don’t want the extra expense of attending classes and buying materials. There is also free practice test you can try so you can see which part of the test you have a problem with. Try out latest AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional practice test.

Tips to prepare well for AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional Exam:

Allot enough time to study. Make sure that you have enough time before the exam so you can cover all the important parts of the exam. One or two hours per day is enough if you have work and allot more time on your days off.

Do not skip the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional exam guide. You will find it helpful for the information there will determine the type of exam and what is covered in the exam. There are other details present in the exam guide that can help you prepare for the exam.

There are sample questions available and use them to your advantage. Practicing with them will let you know which part you are having a hard time with and can focus more on those parts.

Have yourself timed. This can be a great practice so you know how long it takes for you to answer the practice tests so you can improve your methods and techniques to get a better result the next time you try.

Make sure you are well rested before the exam. It is no good for you to panic and cram every information about AWS in your head before the exam. This will just complicate things and can even make you forget about everything you’ve studied for. That is why we allot enough time to study before the exam.

Do not be stressed on the day of the exam. Trust your knowledge and all the things you studied about and just be confident that you are prepared and will pass the test. All questions are the topics you have studied for so do not worry about some things you think you don’t know.

As you can see, there’s so much effort even before taking the exam that is why a lot of people are skeptical with certifications. There are a lot of preparations and fees to pay and sometimes it’s not worth it for them. But if you are serious about your career and you want to take a step forward in order to have a great path ahead of you, then this is your chance to do so.

Benefits of having AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional certification:

You can gain access to AWS events and even put digital badges of your certification in any social media profile you have so you can get recognition and you might even get the attention of the biggest names in the industry.

You can get a 50% discount in all your recertifying examinations in the future and save a lot of money. You will need this because you will be recertifying every few years.

You will receive invites to events and get recognized in them. You can get awards and other memorabilia during these events and get to know the people behind AWS and other certificate holders that you could build a community with.

You will gain access to the AWS global community in LinkedIn and get the latest trends and updates without having to wait for months.

You will also gain access to the AWS Store and get a chance to have their merchandise.

You will get noticed when you are applying for a job and can have the upper hand for that position you’ve been dreaming about.

You can be promoted and have a higher pay and earn more money for future use so you can live comfortably and not having to worry about money.

People, especially in your work place, will appreciate you more and ask for your help regarding the system. You can make a big difference and a better outcome in your job and the company.

These are only to name a few. With AWS certification, you can be a part of the biggest company names in the industry and even make a name for yourself. You have all the needed access so you can perform better at work and help make changes and improvements in your company’s network. With AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional, you prove that you are worthy of having the certification and that you are one of the best in your field of expertise.

Having a AWS certification doesn’t just stop when you get one. For every few years, AWS needs you to renew your certificate so that they can assess your skills and knowledge and see if you are still worthy of the certification you have. The certification is valid for three years and after that, you will need to take the recertification exam once again.

The recertification shows that you are still capable and can keep up with the AWS software. This just strengthens your credentials and shows that you can keep up with the changes AWS makes. This is where you use your 50% voucher so you won’t have to spend much on the examination fees.


If you want to take on a different career path or if you want to have a higher position or work or one of the best companies in the world, getting yourself AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional certified will help you with your goals. Nowadays, companies are looking for employees that have certification. This is proof of the skills and knowledge you have and that you can be an asset to the company.

Getting Solution Architect Professional certification is not that easy. There will be a lot of efforts, hard work and doubts. All you have to be is confident enough. Practice and reviews will help a lot and do not neglect the most important things you need to learn for you to be able to pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional exam questions.

Once you get AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional certification, the learning doesn’t stop there. You need to constantly prove that you are capable of what is written on that certification and you are worthy of the title given to you. There will always be something new and there will be changes once in a while and not being able to keep up with those can give you problems in the long run.

If you have prepared enough, you are now ready to take the exam. This will be the start of a new and better change that will help you grow inn your career and as an individual.

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