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Reap Many Benefits with an Automatic
Big Bag Filling Machine

Automatic Big Bag Filling Machine

If your brand is in the business of packaging and selling any type of food-grade or fine-grained material like rice, spices, flour, plastic pellets, or Styrofoam, you can realize many benefits by purchasing an automatic big bag filling machine

Whenever you increase your operation's daily capacity, there are definite potential rewards. But you need to have the equipment that can easily handle the increase. Size, weight and storage space are the most obvious concerns of ramping your operations up to this higher capacity. 

An automatic big bag filling machine can produce bags of between 300 to 1,000 kilograms in weight. These increased sizes and weights demand some facility planning before your operations can be implemented. 

Supporting Machines

The automatic big bag filling machines typically operate in conjunction with a weighing machine to ensure these greater weights are exact. The filling machine contains a hopper that holds the product material. The machine fills and automatically seals the bag’s opening. The weighing machine simultaneously ensures the bag is at the correct weight. 

You get the benefit of ensuring that all your bags are uniform and your pricing doesn’t have to be adjusted to account for discrepancies. You also benefit because of the automatic bag sealing feature. This function vastly cuts down on the amount of spillage and wasted material. It ensures your profitability and reduces work stoppages due to clean-ups. 

Storage Solutions

There are conveyor systems and robotic palletization systems built specifically to handle these increased operations. The conveyor system moves the bags to a central area where the robotic palletization system takes over. 

With the increased size and weight of the bags, moving them by hand becomes out of the question. A robotic palletizer takes the bags from the conveyor and stacks them in an efficient, predetermined pattern on a standard shipping pallet. It’s the quickest and most efficient way to handle these large and heavy bags. It prevents injury to your employees and helps reduce accidents that result in spillage and lost production time.

Overall Benefits

The many benefits you’ll achieve through ramping up your production capabilities encompass practically every aspect of your production operations. 

But they also include a reduction in labor costs. Ironically, the larger your operation is, the fewer people it takes to run. This is because manual labor ceases to become a part of the equation with an automatic big bag filling machine and the supporting machines. Your staff will be operating the machines instead of moving the products. 

With only one or two people needed to operate a machine, you can run your operations more cost-efficiently than ever. 

You'll enjoy benefits in all areas of your operations, from material handling and packaging that ensures your pricing structure is correct to bag sealing that is fast, efficient and reduces spillage to almost nothing. Your supporting machines will also go a long way in ensuring your profitability. But it all starts with increasing your production capacity with an automatic big bag filling machine from NKT. Contact them for more information. 

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