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Quick Reasons Automated Testing Is Worth the Investment

In different engineering disciplines, testing is an accepted practice. This is not something that is considered an afterthought or a separate procedure. It has been seen as a core portion of the profession. A thing you do in the absence of exception.

The point is there are different types of testing and automated testing is crucial amidst them all. Taking into consideration different inherent problems, one of the best things you as software developers can do is to automate your tests. You are working with computers after all, machines specifically designed to perform processes over and over again, the same way each time; doesn’t it make proper sense to use them to test instead of doing it yourself? Here are some quick benefits of automated type of testing.

Test Automation decreases Time

In case tests need to be run manually, folks need to take time away from current work to run them. Adding to this, you also need to ensure that the tests work well. But why do manually what can get automated by the very machines you are developing on? Why manually run a procedure that actually does not differ any time it gets run? It doesn’t make sense.

All you should be concerned with is whether the tests passed or simply failed. By automating tests, you can save yourself a lot of time out from the more valuable task of actually writing and then maintaining code.Moreover, with automated type of testing, there’s less to ponder about and less to remember, which eventually requires a smaller time investment from you. When tests get automated, with a few exceptions, you only need to react if the tests failed for some sort of reason.

Test Automation lessens Effort

Assume the case of the new developer, the person who actually knows next to nothing about how an organization really works, its processes, or its codebase. For the new developer, irrespective of skill and experience, there’s so much to take on board. How do you ensure that they don’t really feel overwhelmed and possibly neglect tests?

As they are asking themselves all sort of the pertinent questions -- what do you need to do to get setup, what do you require to roll out a release, what would be the branching methodology -- one they should not have to ask is, how do you run the tests? The point is once tests are automated, new developers can easily just deal with developing clean, test-driven code.

Better Level of Productivity

Developer need to remember to run the tests, then they must take time away from development. If the tests get run automatically, as part of the build process even, developers may keep developing -- unless the tests fail.

They don’t need to break their concentration, go run the tests, then return to where they were and pick up their thought. This could sound trivial, but the time involved in that mental context switch to and from testing may be crucial , especially over the course of time. Keeping this thing in mind, think about how much more productive developers can turn out to be when they can stay within the mental focus of developing amazing code. Of course, there would be better level of productivity at every step. After all, switching back and forth while performing can be really tedious and time consuming and less productive.


To sum up,it is an excellent thing to invest in automated option fo testing. It helps you in all scenarios. After all, automated is betterand you must not miss out on it. It can be a good addition for your testing procedures.

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