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How to Establish Professional Development and Attract New Specialists: Insights Into the Hiring Process

Although getting a person for an open position in the company may seem easy, it is a very complex, complicated, and tedious process. If you are a recruitment specialist or HR manager, you know what we mean. Every company or employer defines its scope of requirements when hiring a person, however, certain aspects are very common. Most businesses utilize similar hiring strategies, and yet try to add something exquisite that is a part of the company brand. Having such a defining feature makes people talk about a company and notice it amongst many others.

We asked the Head of HR at Agiliway, Galyna Svirska, to talk about the key things that are considered the most important when it comes to finding and getting the specialists that will be the best fit for a company.

Galyna Svirska

How to attract new specialists

Today, companies are competing for getting the best specialists in the market as the situation is extremely intense. The demand is huge and exceeds the current supply. And, to attract these specialists, companies have a lot to offer. And here we are not talking about the financial part of the deal. As it was mentioned before, the company brand and culture are two of the major components of successful hiring.

Many candidates are very keen on joining a company with a certain scope of values. People value openness, communication, friendly and healthy environment where everyone is heard and their needs are addressed. And one of the main responsibilities of an HR manager and recruiter is to analyze a candidate for soft skills and how s/he would fit the existing environment. Usually, people join companies where they feel comfortable and challenged (with thought-provoking tasks, of course) at the same time. If you don’t show them how valuable they are and help them grow their skills, they are very likely to leave. Motivation, support, and the right atmosphere are what people care a lot about at their workplace. In Agiliway, we try to pay attention to what our staff has to say, what they envision to be great for the company, and where we are all getting.

An insight into the Agiliway hiring process

In order to find and hire the best candidates, the Agiliway HR and recruitment team performs the following steps:

  • Requirements analysis and preparation of the Job description
  • Job posting – Company website, SMM, Dou, Djinni, LinkedIn
  • Sourcing - LinkedIn, job search sites, Djinni, Dou
  • Selection of the candidates
  • Soft skills Interview and Tech Interview
  • Interview with a client (option and varies from the client)
  • Hiring

After the candidate goes through all the aforementioned steps, we start an onboarding process. We developed a strategy that works perfectly well inside our company. Having people assigned to perform a certain scope of tasks helps us ensure the best experience for a new employee.

What our employees get

Agiliway is considered a company built on a partnership principle. We do not stick with the ranks and superiority. It’s all about a friendly environment and equality. This is one of the crucial aspects our staff mentions when they are asked what they like about the company. Indeed, nurturing such a culture without proper people is impossible. And that is extremely precious to realize that we are on the right path.

In Agiliway we are constantly working on new initiatives that also contribute to both corporate and personal growth. To achieve that, we established Mentorship Program that not only helps to improve communication skills but also grows professionally. Our senior specialists are very eager to provide their assistance when and to whom it is necessary. That is one more aspect that adds to the growing professionals in the company.

Secondly, we initiate the one-on-one with a PM or HR to discuss the situation in the company and whether the person feels comfortable and enjoys what they do, and, perhaps wants to change. An important part of this process is Performance Review (and salary revision) where we analyze and talk about the professional aspect of a specialist, discuss their potential, what was achieved and what is expected to be achieved by the next review. The frequency of these reviews depends on experience; hence, these are carried out every 6 months for Junior and Mid specialists, and once a year for the Seniors.

Being open with the staff members regarding the current situation in the company is the first tradition established and is one of the most valued by the Agiliway team. Every last Friday of each month we gather and discuss updates in the company. This way every person is familiar with the company’s development strategy and recent news. We are keeping our team up with the plans, information on new projects and employees, etc.


Establishing a comfortable environment is one of the keys to successful operations in the company. It is related to both people in the company and those who are just joining it. It is crucial to make sure that everyone is heard and people are free to express their opinions and discuss in case they want something to change.

In Agiliway we see the development of interpersonal communication as an important tool that ensures company growth through the satisfaction of the staff. This is achieved by the implementation of multiple initiatives as well as offering a lot of benefits that attract new people.

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