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Practical Steps to Asking for a Salary Raise and
Get the Deserved Value From Your Work

salary raise

A tough but vital process that most employees are never ready for is getting to sit down with the management and ask for a salary raise. Nothing is as tough as trying to put a price label on your head, especially when you have to convince a third-party that it is the most practical thing to do at the moment. It is a dreadful phase, and any half-honest employee would instead the management took the role of periodically making the right adjustments to their monthly and annual benefits. However, if you really deserve that raise that you have waited so long for, then there is a need to step out of the comfort zone and get prepared to ask the big question.

The demand for a pay rise is largely driven by the feeling that you are currently providing more value to an organization and that it would be better of you equally received an increase in pay. Still, this is never a self-sufficient reason to approach the management over your salary and must be backed by taking the right approach. All those negative stories of employees who took the wrong path to salary negotiations or the fear of opening up such a sensitive can must never make you grow cold feet. This is because you can easily gain much-needed confidence and develop a practical plan for going through this journey with the assistance of a career coach. Yes, these specialists are not only relevant when you need sound career advice, but are seasoned experts when it comes to matters on salaries and remunerations.

Instead of taking a blind leap and facing the management without any sense of direction, a career coach will offer vital insights that will see you achieve your objectives sooner than later. While personal coaching on salary issues is often tailored by the specialists after listening to the needs at hand, there are general areas covered for anyone after a salary raise. These areas that one must be ready to follow are:

1. Research on current market conditions

There is a general trend that tends to be followed by most organizations when it comes to salaries, and this is largely based on current market conditions. The first step to determining how deserving the salary raise you are hoping to get begins by conducting comprehensive research on average salaries within your line of specialty. This will provide a clear picture of the industry standards and the current pay-scale that you should be in considering your qualifications, experience, and duties.

2. Timing

As with all other operations of a business, the importance of the right timing when asking for a salary raise is crucial and often makes a great deal of a difference. There are lots of factors making companies have financial struggles, and during such moments it is unwise to bring the subject of a salary raise. This could be a period when, after a long struggle, the company loses out on a mega-deal or has significantly dropped its profit margins. However, when the factors are right such as an over-achievement on your part when you just closed that great deal, the profits are growing, or you are having more duties assigned to you, proof that you have become a valuable resource.

3. Have a pitch and keep it formal

The idea is to have better pay each month, but without the right pitch, no management is ever going to address the matter. A career coach understands this, and will carefully lead you to the salary negotiation platform with the right plan and pitch. A crucial aspect that most employees fail to adhere to is to keep the conversation formal and have a pitch that does not start with the need for more money. Getting personal and making known all the personal or family problems that would be addressed by money will make you desperate and irrational. On the other hand, too much aggressiveness will kill the mood for a fair negotiation and will quickly leave you on the wrong end of the scale. Fortunately, with a plan at hand and an understanding of the techniques to salary negotiation, everything will flow smoothly, and even the toughest management will crack and give in to your demands.

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