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Why You Should Never Settle for Good When Better is Just Around the Corner

No matter what kind of occupation you have chosen for your life’s work, there is never any reason to settle for good when better is really just around the corner. Whether you are looking for a promotion at your job, a totally new career or simply more money doing what you are already doing, a positive attitude and a plan are really all you need to make that upward path seem like a walk in the park.

Oh, there is one other ‘little’ thing you probably need along the way, but let’s leave that a bit. For now, let’s take a look at where you are and where you see yourself being down the road.

Are You Happy Where You Are?
The first thing you should be thinking of before actually making any changes in your life is whether or not you are happy where you are. Do you like the job you are doing? Perhaps it isn’t the job but the working conditions, the pay or even your boss. Would you like to be your own boss? Maybe that’s why you are making a change. Take, for example, a paralegal working for a healthcare law firm who actually loves what they do but is dissatisfied with the amount of money being made.

Did you know that by taking that 4 year degree to the next level you could be almost doubling your pay by being an in-demand specialist within your field? Why not study an online course for a masters in health law while continuing to work your 9 to 5? It can be done and it is being done by people just like yourself every day of the week. Why settle for good when better is just around the corner?

Now That ‘Little’ Thing We Need to Talk About
By now you’ve probably gathered that there is a lot to think about when envisioning your goals down the road. That ‘little’ thing we said we’d get to? What you really need is a mentor – someone who’s been where you are now, walked where you are walking and already in the direction you are headed. A mentor can listen to your concerns, offer advice when needed and simply give you the encouragement you need to stay motivated when times get tough.

No one promised you that reaching your goals would be easy but they can promise you that you don’t need to settle for good when better is just around the corner. Then, think about this for just a moment more. You began as a paralegal (per our example) and then decided to work towards an advanced degree in health law and policy. Now you are making more money which is much, much better. But, being where you are, you’ve gone from good to better. Why not stay focused and move on up the road to best? Whether you want to stay a paralegal or get your law degree is up to you but never settle for good when better and best are just within your reach.

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