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5 Reasons to Apply for a BBA Program

A Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA) degree is probably one of the most popular undergraduate programs for aspiring business owners. It’s a gateway degree to potentially earning an MBA and fast-tracking your business or climbing up the corporate ladder in record time.

BBA Program

The courses involved in earning a BBA degree are probably some of the most flexible and highly valued in the business world for a number of reasons. Below, you’ll find 5 reasons why you should begin your career with a BBA degree.

Multiple disciplines

It doesn’t matter that you don’t have a basic understanding of accounting, strategic management, or organizational behavior. That’s what you’re in college for! In a BBA degree program, you’ll learn the fundamentals of multiple disciplines, which will help you transition into the business world rather smoothly.

To be honest, a BBA degree only guarantees that you have surface-level knowledge of multiple business disciplines. However, that’s not the worst thing a business grad could have. Since you’ll possess the fundaments of several business topics, you’ll have an easier time diving deeper into a specific discipline(s) that pique your interest.

Better job and salary options

If you choose to earn a BBA degree, you’ll set yourself up for a longer-lasting, rewarding career (performance is a factor, of course) with perks, benefits, and job security. This is a field where employees age like a fine wine—the more experienced you are, the more valuable you are to a company, which is reflected by more satisfying compensation.

The great news is that business administration is a field where employees age like a fine wine—the more experienced you are, the more valuable you are to a company, which is reflected by more satisfying compensation.

Learn management skills early

A BBA program gives students a leg-up at developing managerial skills. From the get-go, students can take courses that cover the core areas of management, including but not limited to sales, strategy management, and managerial accounting. In addition, BBA programs emphasize developing soft skills to help communicate better with colleagues.

These skills can help students long after they’ve graduated and taken on a managerial role. By learning management theories and practical skills, you’ll possess the knowledge employers are looking for to take on more decision-making-oriented tasks.

Quicker graduation times

On average, a BBA student will spend three years. Compared to other bachelor’s degrees, you’ll be out of the classroom sooner, which gives you time to start seeking job opportunities quicker. The sooner you enter the job market, the easier it will be to find a placement in a company.

A side-effect of a three-year degree is that you don’t have to spend as much on tuition. Obviously, how long it takes to graduate depends on how many subjects you take each semester and whether you fail said subjects. If everything goes as planned, you’ll have saved yourself two semesters’ worth of tuition to earn your degree.

Foundation for an MBA degree

Admittedly, any graduate from any field can enroll in an MBA program, but BBA graduates typically get top priority. An MBA course usually covers the same materials and subjects you took as an undergrad. Since your BBA degree already showcases your ability to understand challenging business-related topics, you should experience fewer obstacles when enrolling in an MBA program.

We could go on all day about the benefits of an MBA degree, but put simply, it gives you more bargaining power when discussing salaries and taking on more responsibilities. Plus, most executive-level managers have an MBA, so having the same degree as your boss will definitely make you stand out. 

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