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American Students Worry About Their Theses All the Time. Interestingly, They Also Inspire Famous Fashion Designers

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you are thinking about students? Probably, you start imagining someone who is working on some complex academic writing task or dealing with another law homework assignment. Well, that is definitely not what Calvin Klein imagines when the topic of students comes up. To specify, this famous fashion designer got inspired by students’ fashion choices and created the whole collection dedicated to American students. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

New collection has been inspired by the stylistic choices made by students who are members of fraternities at Yale University, Berkeley and University of California. A variety of branded sweatshirts, bomber jackets, skirts and shirts is already on the market and has gained a lot of popularity among students of other educational institutions. It is no secret that fashion is a desired field for a lot of students. However, not all colleges offer a fashion course. Luckily, Glasgow University has become another UK school to offer a fashion business course during which more attention will be paid to the business of fashion and courses in manufacturing, merchandising and marketing will be included in the curriculum. The idea is to teach students how to sell their products once they have created it.

These days, fashion industry witnesses a lot of transformations from the stylistic choices we make to the possibilities to predict how and when we are going to make our next purchase. Artificial intelligence helps fashion designers and big brands figure out what their customers are interested in, as well as what items they are most likely going to spend money on. Due to the digital revolution, learning more about our shopping habits has become much simpler. AI has proven to be very successful at analyzing how, when and what we buy and offering us similar options the next time we need to purchase something. However, using AI is still rather uncommon for luxury brands. In this area, human interactions are prevailing when it comes to making a purchase. Most clients who buy luxury clothes still visit physical stores while the majority of people on the planet prefers placing an order online and waiting a couple of days for it to be delivered.

Speaking about the shopping habits of students, they tend to be on a tight budget because of student debt, pricey textbooks and expensive rent. However, it does not mean that students are not interested in fashion. On the contrary, students are the ones who easily adopt new fashion trends. They follow fashion bloggers on social media and enjoy reading articles about fashion as soon as they get free time. Interestingly, a lot of students who major in law tend to be very fashionable even though their stylistic choices are rather limited due to a specific dress code. That is why, it is not surprising to see a student looking through a fashion magazine once they are done with their law homework task. Besides, dealing with law homework assignments has become much simpler these days due to the existence of such resources as and similar law homework writing services that provide high-quality assistance with any type of law homework task.

Obviously, the main thing a student is worried about is acquiring as much knowledge as possible while studying at college to be able to get an interesting and well-paid job after graduation. However, an average student has lots of hobbies, and fashion is quite often one of them. Besides, dealing with college assignments is less frustrating when there is a reliable law homework writing service on hand. Sometimes the only thing that helps a student complete a complex academic task on time is assistance of an expert from a law homework writing service. Being resourceful is one of the most essential skills for students as there are tons of problems they have to deal with during the course of studying. Asking for help is the most reasonable thing to do when a student faces a difficult academic task. Gladly, there are lots of useful resources on hand. This way, a student has a chance to submit their paper on time and go get coffee with their friends to discuss movies, fashion or vacation plans.

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