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How Much Does an Amazon Account Manager Cost?

In the list of the world’s biggest and most influential companies, Amazon stands at the 4th position. As a huge online marketplace, Amazon provides an opportunity for buyers and sellers to interact and sell or buy any specific product. This powerful e-commerce platform is gradually taking over the offline market because of its reliable and more efficient services.

From toys to high-tech computing machines, Amazon allows all the merchants to sell whatever they want to sell. However, managing a huge inventory on Amazon is not a simple job - it requires continuous effort. From taking orders to secure shipping, you need to take care of everything.

However, to get started you surely need a helping hand and there is no better option than recruiting an Amazon account manager. So, if you are looking to hire someone to manage your seller account and grow your e-commerce business on Amazon, then we got you covered.

Here in this article, we will share a comprehensive guide that will surely help you in finding the right one for your business.

Let’s dive in...

Who is an Amazon Seller Account Manager?

An Amazon Account Manager is the person whom you hire to look after your seller account. The manager can help in maximizing your online business revenue by providing you some effective tips and strategies. Moreover, he can also help the sellers in managing the inventories, monitoring the performance of stores, and running advertising campaigns.

In short, he is responsible to drive success, revenue, and growth to an e-commerce business by ensuring quality experience to customers.

Cost of an Amazon Account Manager

Manager’s major job is to help you fill your pocket with some magical tricks so that he will be paid accordingly.Here we are going to tell you a surprising fact that Seller Account Manager charges around 3000 to 1500 dollars a month for a single service. Not to forget, a professional account manager can manage 3 to 4 different accounts single-handedly. The price primarily depends on the quality of service, duration of service, and the number of total functions the seller sets.

Additionally, according to some recent reports, it is estimated that a normal Amazon account management service provider earns almost 80,000 dollars a year. Which is indeed more than the usual salary in almost all the countries. However, the monthly salary depends on how often he gets a service or how much it costs.

Why Do You Need An Amazon Account Manager?

If you are just a newbie to e-commerce marketing then you may be struggling to get started. Your sales are getting down into the ground and you are striking your head because you regret investing your money in this business. Now you can not step back, it can cause great damage to your financial life. So in this situation of hopelessness, you still have a chance to prove yourself.

What you need to do is to look for an expert and highly experienced seller account manager. Who can revive your account and take it to the peak of success? Managers have the ability to engage more traffic on your products, make your product details compelling and handle the customers according to their convenience. All these mentioned factors are the plus point that can change your business overnight.

Hiring an Amazon Account Manager

Best Amazon Account Management Services Provider

You can find hundreds of skillful and determined seller account managers all over the internet who are 24 / 7 ready to hear you out. But still, if you are unsure which one to choose and how it will benefit you then we have listed down some of the most credible Amazon Account Management Services you can find anywhere.

Urtasker is a consulting and marketing agency providing Amazon account management services to clients. A Urtasker’s manager optimizes profit-generating activities along with monitoring trends to give you a competitive edge. It always makes sure to free up your time to spend on other tasks, and keeps your seller account healthy overall.

It offers you an expert and skilled account manager whose primary focus is to boost your traffic and the conversion rate. The manager works fully according to your personal schedule and consults you about every activity. Moreover, you have an opportunity to avail all these jackpots at a very reasonable price. However, for the pricing and services, you need to book a call and thoroughly discuss your requirement

SAS Core

Strategic Account Service is a paid Amazon account management service introduced by Amazon itself to promote your seller account. To avail of its service you just need to have an active seller account on Amazon’s official website. However, your account should be more than a year older to register this Amazon account management service.

Moreover, the service is available for both professional brands and even wholesale sellers. After purchasing the service, Amazon links you with a professional and trusted advisor who is trained to set up your account for success. Furthermore, it also gives sellers access to different Amazon’s effective trading tools.

As it is controlled by Amazon, one of the most advanced tech companies, therefore any kind of violence of policies or suspicious behavior can lead to suspension of the services.

EStore Factory

It is another Amazon consulting and Account Management service provider that is basically designed to help sellers to get assistance from certified account managers. It completely frees you up from the worries of selling and dealing. Because the manager takes complete control over your account and manages it according to their professional techniques while giving equal importance to your decisions.

The agency has hired some expert account managers who perform a vast range of tasks to boost your account including product optimization, listing, order management, feedback removing, and ad sponsoring.

The manager gives you a free hand to give your suggestion and monitor your progress. Not only this but the manager guides and teaches you about some of the productivity trading strategies as well.

Velocity Seller

It is one of the most professional Amazon Account Management services provided on the internet with a vast range of assisting tools. Its most basic functions include Search Engine Optimization, Order Management, Inventory Management, Sponsoring, Strategic Pricing, Brand Maximising, and Sourcing.

However, the prices differ according to the service hours and the features or requirements you want to use to grow your account. Their major motive is to make people comfortable. They have appointed multiple account managers and supervisors to help you reach your destination.

Bottom Line

Drawing to a close, it is very simple to set up your business as a seller on amazon by yourself or even with the help of a manager. However, it will be better if you look for an experienced account manager for the initial months of your business. This will not only help you set up a firm base to proceed further but also open up doors of knowledge and learning for you. You do not have to worry about the budget before availing of Amazon account management services. Because the sweetness of its fruit is much more than the cost.

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