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An Alternative Holistic Employee Management Approach

Holistic Employee Management

Managing staff at work has long been a master and servant system. Today, we are seeing that this approach doesn’t always work, and a holistic employee management system can work much better through physical engagement, development, and diet awareness for productivity. Of course, there is a lot more to it than just these. And it is an ongoing process with many changes as you go. Yet with some real actions, you can make your company better for everyone.

Support Emotional Wellbeing

We can all have a bad day at work. But emotional stress in the workplace can cause all kinds of issues in job performance and home life. One study by Perkbox found that 75% of workers are stressed at work on a regular basis. Just talking to employees when there is an issue can be a massive help. However, you need to be aware of impact vs intent, or you could make a situation worse. Holistic services and better training can help make the workplace less stressful for all.

Holistic Employee Management Includes Physical

Physical exercise is shown to reduce stress and provide you with more energy. There are complex scientific reasons for this, which includes the release of certain hormones such as dopamine and serotonin. The group and social aspects of exercise also come into play to help your staff be their best selves. Office yoga, fun events such as sponsored walks, and even lunchtime power walks are excellent ways to get your employees moving, and well, moving.

The Workplace Social Environment

As mentioned, there is a great social aspect to exercising at work. And paying attention to the social side of things at work can help everyone feel included and motivated. Would you want to work somewhere you didn’t feel welcome? Unfortunately, juvenile things such as workplace cliques are a reality, even in a grown-up office. Inside jokes, laughing at others, and excluding certain people from events are not acceptable forms of social wellness in the modern office.

Work and Life Balance

Getting the balance between your life at home and your responsibilities at work is a struggle for many people, from the bottom of the ladder to the top. Too much work means family life is neglected, and family needs can cause lower productivity at the office. So what do we do? Well, one solution that works extremely well is to offer flexible starting and leaving times. And this is improved when combined with remote work for your employees to do what they need at home.

Developing Your Employees Professionally

An employee really shouldn’t just be a worker bee. You can get the most from your staff by developing their skills over time. Professional development is a key resource in today’s job markets if you want to retain outstanding staff. However, it is hard to do and can cost a lot:

  • Make a plan with each individual employee so a plan works for them and you.
  • Seek partnerships with educational and training resource providers in your industry.
  • Ensure employees are kept up-to-date with the latest technological trends.
  • Pair talented staff and unqualified employees as part of a mentorship program.
  • Consider informal approaches to employee engagement with learning lunches.
  • Offer benefits to employees for taking part, such as increased pay or benefits.
  • Encourage all employees by offering different types of development plans.

You don’t need to pay for college to get the best out of your employees. Training for jobs you need to fill within the company and recruiting staff you already know saves time and money. But employees will feel valued as a part of the company, meaning stronger ties and better loyalty.

Rewarding a Job Well Done

No one wants to feel undervalued. Yet a very recent report from January 2023 (Workhuman) revealed that 10% of workers don’t feel like they are valued at all. This is a terrible feeling for any one of your staff members who come to work and do a great job, only to go unrecognized. A simple “well done” from a senior staff member is more than enough to encourage work and make someone feel valued. Yet some offices also engage in reward and recognition schemes.

Employee Assistance Programs

You may or may not have heard of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), but they are becoming very popular with companies. These often cover a wide range of services that are beneficial to employees, such as psychological counseling. But you can also engage in offering advice about common issues such as money worries and legal advice. The key role here is to address some of the most destructive things in people’s lives with no judgment and real help.

Diet and Holistic Employee Management

You can make it your mission to banish the old image of office workers eating unhealthy sandwiches at their desks. As a responsible manager or business owner, you can play a key role in ensuring your staff members look after their diet and overall health. Of course, you aren’t there to hold anyone’s hands. But you can encourage healthier habits at work by banning desk eating, encouraging healthy snack breaks, and stocking the office kitchen with healthy foods.

On-Site Wellness Days

Overall, wellness is something many people struggle with. In the UK alone, a survey by the Mental Health Foundation found that around 15 million people struggle with long-term conditions. And these can affect personal life and work. On-site wellness days can help those who are struggling with personal care, medical issues, and stress. But it also offers the opportunity to educate others about some of the challenges faced by colleagues and coworkers.


Holistic employee management can help you deliver an overall better workplace by changing perceptions and engaging with your staff. Support for emotional issues like stress, anxiety, and worry is a great start. Yet you can also provide a proactive approach with personal development plans for employees that include things like training for better jobs. And wellness days at work can help change attitudes, remove stigmas, and help everyone feel included at your company. 

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